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Abby Road

Luka finds Carol and tells her that Connor's GI series was negative. She smugly observes, "You seem surprised." He recaps the events of the last scene, and tells her that he thinks she might be right about Mrs. Brant. Carol lets the praise wash over her like a warm bath.

Lisa puts a cloth over Mr. Spencer's shoulder as he asks, "Is this going to hurt?" She confidently tells him that it won't -- "It's just peroxide" -- but that he might feel a few bubbles. Mrs. Brant surreptitiously watches them from the next bed. Mr. Spencer asks whether the bubbles couldn't get into his bloodstream and give him an aneurysm. Lisa, once again, reassures him that he has nothing to fear from having his ears cleaned, and then realizes that she's forgotten a curette. Before she can go get one, he asks about his chest pains, and she insists his EKG was normal. He asks some more hypochondriacal questions, and she wrests his chart out of his hands and pulls the curtain around him. On her way out, she asks how Connor is. Mrs. Brant says it's the same story -- lots of tests, and they can't figure out what's wrong with him. Lisa starts to say that she's sure Luka's being as thorough as possible, but before she can finish the sentence, Mrs. Brant interrupts her to demand, "Has he called for a surgical consult yet?" Lisa says that she doesn't know, and offers to find out. Mrs. Brant accepts the offer, and Lisa takes off, leaving the bottle of peroxide on the table in Mrs. Brant's curtain area. Mrs. Brant stares it down.

Sars: Duuuuude.
Wing Chun: Uh oh.
Glark: That kid's going to have really blond hair when she's done with him.

In the OR, Romano seems to be losing it; Benton observes that he's spent the last twenty minutes "over-sewing the duodenal defect." Oh, I hate when I do that. Elizabeth shows up at the door and says she "heard that Mr. Barnes eroded his aortic graft." Romano asks if Mr. Barnes is a friend of hers, and she admits that she'd evaluated him downstairs and thought he had gastroenteritis. Romano remarks that Benton never told Romano that, and that it was chivalrous of Benton not to rat Elizabeth out on her "gross oversight." Disgustedly, Elizabeth asks how he's doing, and Romano says that he's fine now that he's been properly diagnosed and brought to a real operating room. He sends Benton out, and tells Elizabeth to scrub in. She says that "actually, [she's] off," and he snaps that actually, she's not, and he asks for a "peanut" so that he can do something with a small bowel and an aorta. Benton opines that Romano would be "better off using a metz." Romano starts to shout him down, but then he keels over instead. Elizabeth rushes over and notes that he's "burning up." Benton, as usual when Romano goes nuts, takes over the operation.

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