Abby Road

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Abby Road

Finch shoots baskets outside. Mark comes out and joins her; throughout their conversation, Finch takes shots and doesn't appear to miss a one. He asks if she ever figured out what was wrong with Marty. She tells him what she discovered, what he was using to inject the HGH, and what Marty did to his heart. Mark asks what cardiology said; she tells him they admitted Marty and put him on triple antibiotics; she hopes she caught it before Marty got to a point where he'd require surgery. Mark smugs, "All that for a couple of inches," and the camera cuts to the basket as Mark misses the shot. She criticizes his technique, and he dubiously asks her to show him. She declines, telling him he doesn't "want any of this," and he takes her up on the challenge. Yes. They're both tall and can afford to malign Marty for being self-conscious about his height. We get it.

Luka appears at the door of Connor's curtain area, followed closely by Carol. Mrs. Brant's freaking out. He asks her what's wrong, and she says she doesn't know, but that Connor's stomach is distended and she doesn't know what's wrong, but that he's getting worse. "I told you to call a surgeon," she adds accusingly. Luka draws some fluid from his stomach, and when she sees it fill the syringe asks what it is, and whether Connor's bleeding. Luka tells her it isn't, and he and Carol exchange a look. He explains that it's an indicator mixed with saline, and that it turns red in stomach acid. Mrs. Brant asks what he's talking about, and then notices Carol putting the peroxide bottle into a plastic baggie and nervously announces, "That's not mine. Th-that belongs to the doctor, or the nurse, whatev- whoever it was, she left it here." Carol says, "Well, actually, we had her leave it here, and it's not peroxide -- it's saline." Mrs. Brant shrieks that she doesn't know what they're talking about, and Luka, with the phone receiver at his ear, yells at Mrs. Brant that she's been poisoning her son. She does a classic Dawson Leery double-handed hair comb with her fingers, and yells that she didn't give them "permission to do any of this," and that she's taking Connor and leaving. Luka tells her that she can't allow Mrs. Brant to keep hurting Connor. Mrs. Brant insists that she loves Connor and would never hurt him. Luka looks sad, and tells her she needs help. She kisses Connor, pets his head some more, and sinks down onto the bed.

Lucy, carrying Mr. Clayton's lunchbox, comes up to the desk and tells Amira to "call transport" for him. Lucy opens the lunchbox and finds, along with a bunch of loose bills, several black-and-white snapshots. Dr. Dave comes up behind her as she breathes, "He had a daughter," in spite of the fact that when she asked whether he had any family, he said no. Dr. Dave asks whether she's the executrix of Mr. Clayton's estate, and she says she guesses she is. Lisa appears and grabs a chart from the rack. Dr. Dave says hi, and she distractedly says hi back. He asks if she knew it was a tradition for residents to take their med students out for drinks on their first day. Lisa says that she thought he was sick, and he starts to suggest that she could nurse him back to health, but doesn't finish because Jing-Mei "Deb" Chen appears in his eyeline wearing a quite fetching strappy black dress, and he falls all over himself inarticulately complimenting her, ignoring Lisa completely. Chen couldn't possibly care less about Dr. Dave's pitiful advances, and leaves. Dr. Dave watches her go, and Lisa tells him, "Excuse me, you're drooling on my chart." Remembering she's there, he propositions her again. She says, "You're kidding, right?" He slinks off. No need to ask; he's a smooth operator.

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