Abby Road

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Abby Road

Elizabeth emerges from Romano's hospital room, where Benton is waiting to hear the news: Romano has a kidney stone, though not one as big as they might hope, and not one that would require surgery. She thanks Benton for covering for her, and he kindly plays it off. She thanks him again, and steps into Romano's room. Elizabeth asks whether he's going in to gloat, and Benton replies, "Oh, yeah." Heh.

Within, Romano cautions him not to go overboard with the told-yous, and Benton claims he hadn't planned to. He updates Romano on Mr. Barnes's condition, adding that it was a lucky thing Benton was there observing when Romano collapsed. Blah blah blah urinary tractcakes, Benton takes advantage of Romano's weakened condition to leverage Tia's operation. What a nice young man.

Lisa walks out into the hall, where Carol catches up with her and thanks her for helping with the Brant sting operation. Lisa says it's okay, and asks whether Mrs. Brant actually poured the seeming peroxide down Connor's G-tube. Carol confirms that she did, and that it didn't take her long after Lisa left the room to decide to do it. Carol adds that she supposes Lisa never did anything like that in OB, and Lisa smiles and confirms that "this is her first." Carol rather sincerely says, "Welcome to the ER," and heads off down another hallway. Lisa smiles again, and thanks her. Lisa's so nice. Unfortunately, she doesn't get to enjoy that warm feeling long, as Chuny finds her in the hall and asks whether Lisa has a patient named Spencer. Lisa says, "The hypochondriac -- yeah." Chuny tells Lisa he's having a heart attack. D'oh!

Indeed he is; Carter and Yosh are working on Mr. Spencer when Lisa walks in. Carter asks whether Lisa gave him any medication; she tells him she didn't, and that she only cleaned out his ears. Carter asks whether Mr. Spencer complained of chest pains; Lisa says that "he complained of everything," but that his EKG was normal. Carter orders some meds and such; Lisa says she'll start a second line. Yosh says he's in v-tach; a random nurse hands Lisa the paddles and Lisa shocks him.

Outside what looks to be a university building, Elizabeth waits for her mother to emerge. When she does, she expresses genuine surprise at Elizabeth's appearance there. Whatever, they're not close; fill in your own strained conversation. It seems that Mrs. Corday has been in Chicago for a week and hadn't called Elizabeth in all that time. Mrs. Corday delivers this gem of a line: "Oh, Elizabeth. Save me the pouty face." HA! Despite the estrangement and aloofness, I can't dislike her that much. Elizabeth pouts, "I'm not pouting." Mrs. Corday is like, whatever, I'm here now, so let's continue this "somewhere warm -- preferably where they serve alcohol. Or have the Americans banned that along with tobacco?" Heh.

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