Abby Road

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Abby Road

Mark walks into the lounge, where Luka "Welcome to Sarah's Bedroom" Kovac and Carol "Stigmama" Hathaway are talking about plumbing; it seems Luka did something to her water heater, and now she has no hot water and had to boil water on the stove and wash her hair in the sink. Because it's not like there are showers anywhere in the hospital. But then, I guess if she didn't wash her hair before she left the house, her halo wouldn't glow as brightly in the sun. As Luka leaves, he tells her not to call a plumber, since a plumber would only try to sell her a new water heater, and promises to take another look at it. As the door swings shut on Luka's sweet, sweet ass, Mark arches an eyebrow at Carol. She asks what, and he says, "Kovac is fixing your water heater?" You know, come to think of it, I've been having problems with my water heater, and maybe...but I digress. Carol corrects Mark: "Well, trying to fix it." Mark's silence at this news is deafening, so Carol is forced to say, "He was dropping me off, Mark." Mark chirps, "Oh," in that faux-neutral disapproving tone that nosy people have. She starts to explain the circumstances under which Luka came to be fixing her water heater, and then stops herself and asks rhetorically why she's defending her acceptance of Luka's help. She finally says it's not what Mark thinks. He asks her what he thinks, and she says that whatever he's thinking, "it's not." Mark asks, "'Not' what?"

Carol: It's not anything.
Wing Chun: Keep it that way.
Sars: Word.

Carol takes off. Mark sternly watches her go. Geez, mind your knitting, Grandma.

Abby "Lisa Miller" Lockhart walks into the ER from the ambulance bay and tiptoes her way through the very large crowd of flu victims accumulated in the hall. At the desk, each of the clerks is on a different phone, and more are ringing. Nearest Lisa is Amira, who is yelling into the phone, "If you've GOT the flu, it's TOO LATE for a flu shot!" Lisa introduces herself and says she's supposed to be in the ER today, but Amira is already answering the other lines and immediately putting the callers on hold, and firmly gives Lisa the hand. At this moment, Carol comes out from behind the desk and, by way of greeting, asks Lisa, "Did they send you down here?" Lisa says, "Um. Yeah." Carol makes thank-God noises and Lisa smiles quizzically. Carol re-introduces herself and reminds Lisa that she had twin girls on Thanksgiving, and that as a result of their meeting Lisa has probably already set up a shrine in Carol's honour in her home at which she must light a candle every night. Actually, when Carol says "Carol" to jog her memory, Lisa immediately answers, "Hathaway!" and asks how the twins are doing. Carol says they're doing well and sleeping through the night (already?), "though not at the same time." Lisa remarks, "I don't know how you do it."

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