Abby Road

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Abby Road

Lisa walks out into the ambulance bay, where Finch and Mark are still playing basketball. By now, Finch is full-on smack-talking Mark (something about "white men can't jump"), and Lisa calls Mark over and reminds him that he told her to grab him if she got into trouble.

Inside, they walk away from the bed of a stabilized Mr. Spencer. Lisa explains that Mr. Spencer was a hypochondriac and that all his tests came back normal. Mark tells her that MIs don't always present in life the way they do in textbooks, and lists the tests she should have done, and didn't, and what she'll need to do now. She looks chastened, and says, "I'm sorry." He tells her that he's sorry he didn't do a better job "protecting" her (whatever that means) and tells her that it's great she was a nurse, but that she has to start thinking like a doctor: "You don't have to do it all. From now on, make sure that the nurses order your labs."

In a chi-chi-looking bar, a waiter serves drinks to Elizabeth and her mom, who is telling her she doesn't know how Elizabeth keeps her complexion in the harsh Chicago winters. A little more banal conversation later, Elizabeth suggests that Mrs. Corday spend the rest of her visit at Elizabeth's. Mrs. Corday is taken aback by the offer, but ultimately accepts.

Mrs. Corday: You do look well. You must have a man.
Elizabeth: Do I need a man to look well?
Wing Chun: Not the one you've got.
Sars: I second that.
Mrs. Corday: [chuckling] It helps. So? Have you?
Elizabeth: Yes.
Mrs. Corday: I suppose he's a doctor.
Elizabeth: Actually, yes. His name is Mark, and he's lovely.
Wing Chun: Yes. And no.

Back in the ambulance bay, the lovely Mark is clucking like a chicken at the appearance of Finch, and goads her to play. She demurs. He calls her a quitter, which leads her to motion for him to pass her the ball, and, once she has it, shoot a perfect three-pointer. He looks at her with stunned amazement, and she smugs off home.

On the roof, Lisa hugs herself against the cold and smokes a cigarette. Lucy appears and they introduce themselves. Lucy asks how her first day was, and Lisa says she's never had a day like this one, and gives Lucy a quick recap on Mrs. Brant and Mr. Spencer. Lucy nods and says, "That sounds about right." She opens Mr. Clayton's lunchbox and starts tossing money over the ledge. Lisa asks what she's doing, and Lucy explains Mr. Clayton's last request, suggesting that Lisa should try throwing some money since it might make her feel better. Lisa flicks her cigarette to the ground first, and then grabs a handful, asking whether they need to say a prayer. Lucy says she doesn't think so. The money floats down to the ground. Wow, does the ER have room for two med students? I guess only time will tell.

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