Abby Road

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Abby Road

Carol: Well, it's not easy, but neither is managing thirty-six patients when we're short two nurses.
Sars: "But I can, because I'm a saint."

Before Lisa can say anything else, Lucy Knight "Of the Living Dead" yells, "Coming through!" and materializes behind Carol, accompanied by a cop pushing an elderly homeless man in a wheelchair. The cop says that he found EHM in an El station, and that he couldn't walk. EHM leans over and vomits on or near Lisa's feet, and Lucy and the cop hurry away in search of a bed, while Lucy calls over her shoulder, "Somebody call Housekeeping!" Carol ruefully notes that med students act like nurses are "their maids." Lisa starts to answer, but just then Cleo "Lady Machine" Finch interrupts to ask Carol about a Mr. Sranski. Carol asks who that is, and Finch says he's a flu patient. Carol snipes, "Oh, that helps," and then tells Lisa that they'll have to get her some scrubs. Again, she cuts Lisa off to asks a passing Haleh whether they have any extra scrubs (in a hospital? I can't imagine why they would), and Haleh, on the run, snaps, "I don't know and I don't care." "Iron" John Carter comes around the corner with a patient on a gurney and makes a long, unfunny zombie joke to ask Carol, sarcastically, why a dead patient is still in one of the exam rooms. Carol whines that she called transport, and he tersely tells her to get the corpse to the morgue because he needs the bed for a live patient. Carol mutters that residents are the only thing worse than med students, and Lisa, wisely choosing her moment, says, "Right." A couple of paramedics wheel in a little boy named Todd Sullivan who has sustained a sledding-related injury that has caused him to lose his front teeth. Carol assures Todd that they were probably his baby teeth, and asks Malik, who happens to be passing by, to get her a doctor. Malik doesn't seem to think there's much chance of that. Lisa gives Todd a quick once-over, motioning for him to bare his gums, and says, "He's avulsed his front incisors. We need a C-spine and a head CT." Carol says, "Yeah, if we could find a doc to order it." Lisa says that she can do it, and when Carol expresses confusion, asks, "Med students can work up patients, right?" Carol still doesn't get it, so Lisa is forced to spell it out: "I'm a third-year; I start my ER rotation today." Carol incredulously spits, "You're a med student?" in the same tone she might use to ask, "You're a performance artist?" or "You're a Buchanan supporter?"

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