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Abby Road

In the hall, a gowned EHM, whose name is Mr. Clayton, is telling Lucy that he can't feel his toes. Peter "Date Against the Machine" Benton is squatting on the floor examining them; Lucy tells Mr. Clayton that he seems to have frostbite. Benton asks if Mr. Clayton is diabetic, and Lucy says that he isn't, but that he has a respiratory infection. Benton says that the frostbite is superficial and prescribes a foot bath in hot, circulating water.

As Benton proceeds down the hall, Robert "Rocket" Romano appears, booming that "it's like the damn plague" in the ER. Benton ruefully remarks that he doubts Romano's come down to "lend a helping hand," which of course he hasn't; Romano's view is that he shouldn't "mess with natural selection," since "a good influenza epidemic thins the herd." Oh, lord. He asks where Weaver is, and, when Benton tells her that she went home sick, notes, "And they wonder why we call them 'the weaker sex.'" Again -- I could get all snitty about that, but it's Romano, we don't expect any more of him (or any less, depending on your perspective), so why bother? Romano asks Benton whether he booked an OR for 3 PM; Benton says that he did, and that he's "assisting Dr. Ashcoff on a facial scar revision." Romano asks why it isn't being done in the "Plastics Building," and Benton says that because multiple scars are involved, Dr. Ashcoff wants to do it under general anaesthesia. Romano snottily asks what any of that has to do with Benton; Benton explains that the girl was his patient months ago, and that he'd treated her for the dog bite that caused the scar. Romano says, "So?" Benton tells him that Medicaid won't cover the plastic surgery, so Benton got Dr. Ashcoff to donate his time. Romano says that the hospital's mandate to provide "medically necessary" treatment to disadvantaged patients (only he calls them "poor") doesn't extend to "cosmetic surgery," and asks what's next: "Liposuction for fat kids?" Benton protests that the little girl is "disfigured," but Romano isn't interested; he tells Benton that he admires the effort, but that it's the kind of thing that could lose the hospital's state funding.

By now, Pusher is gowned, and Yosh and Finch are working on him. Pusher asks whether he'll get lead poisoning from the pencil-stab wound; Finch informs him that pencil lead is actually graphite. She puts her stethoscope on his chest and he gasps and flinches. With something akin to alarm, she asks him if it hurt; he catches himself, and says that the stethoscope was just cold. She seems convinced by this explanation, and moves on to his back; Pusher flinches again, and she opens his gown to reveal three very large, round bruises in the middle of his back. She asks how he got them, and he claims he doesn't know. She examines his arms and asks, "Who hit you, Marty?" He admits, "Some kids from school." Presumably suspecting parental abuse, she asks, "Are you sure?" Marty (formerly Pusher) snaps, "Yeah, I'm sure; I mean, I'm there when they do it!" She asks him if his parents, or any personnel at his school, know about the beatings, and he says that they don't. Yosh, who's been examining his legs, comes upon several puncture wounds on his upper thigh. Marty claims they're mosquito bites. Finch says, "In February?" Marty anxiously asks whether his dad is coming. Finch tells Marty his dad is on his way. As she and Yosh take off, she orders a tox screen, since Marty's wounds are infected track marks.

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