Abby Road

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Abby Road

Mark and Elizabeth "Mrs. Soffel" Corday chat at the lunchwagon.

Sars: Ew.
Wing Chun: What?
Sars: Those two.
Wing Chun: Oh, I thought you were remembering a spoiler, but then, they're spoilers.

Mark, reading the paper, can't find something Elizabeth evidently wants him to see. Impatiently, she snatches it away and reads that the University of Chicago's Astrophysics department is holding a symposium, and that one of the featured speakers will be Isabelle Corday, her mother. She is anxious about this; evidently they don't get along so well, or Elizabeth might have found out about this from her mother, instead of from the newspaper.

Sars: No one cares. Next!

Right in front of the desk, some guy on a gurney is completely freaking out; he's not trying to hurt himself, he's just being aimlessly aggressive, so Mark suspects that he's on drugs (brilliant diagnosis, doctor!), probably PCP. Mark, Malik, Lisa, Elizabeth, and one of the guys who brought in PCP Guy are all trying to hold him down; PCPG's other friend is videotaping the proceedings. Elizabeth yells that PCPG has broken both legs. Mark asks Lisa whether she's ever seen an open fracture; she replies, "Not up close." PCPG continues to flail around and then starts "taching," according to Mark. Lisa smacks the camera away. Elizabeth calls for restraints, Mark calls for Haldol, and Malik essentially tells them that they can have one and then the other, but not both at once. As Elizabeth continues to yell orders, Lisa lets go of PCPG's arm in order to grab the Haldol and administer it; for her troubles, PCPG springs up and bites her arm. They wheel him away. She makes the traditional first-day what-have-I-gotten-myself-into? face.

Sars: [checks watch]
Wing Chun: Yes, it's only the first commercial.

Mark works on Lisa's bite, and asks her whether she's had Heptovax, which I assume is some kind of anti-hepatitis drug. (She has.) She pouts that patients usually don't bite in OB. Mark admits that it's an occupational hazard, and says that "the serologies" will be back the next day -- "Don't sweat it" -- and remarks that she probably didn't think she'd be her own teaching case. She says that she expected the ER to be different, which I assume is a reference to the fact that it's eighteen minutes into the episode and no glass has broken yet. On the other side of the room, Carol gives Dr. Dave what is presumably a flu shot; she complains that he's a whiner, and he complains that she's too rough. Mark tells Dr. Dave that he should be grateful Carol isn't putting in a foley catheter. For that, we should all be grateful. Mark tells Lisa that, now that she's "been bitten by a raving lunatic," she's ready to see patients. She says she's not sure, but he tells her to grab a chart and call if she needs any help. On his way out, Mark asks Carol to "keep an eye on" Lisa and update her tetanus. Carol very resentfully nods, and then glances over at Lisa and smiles tightly. Carol, I hate you so much.

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