Abby Road

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Abby Road

In the adjacent exam room, where the camera is located just behind what the audience can see is Dr. Dave's back, Elizabeth marches up and snaps, "You dehydrated or something?" Dr. Dave says, "How'd you guess?" and then the camera comes around to the foot of a gurney where an middle-aged patient, Jeremy Barnes, is resting. See what they did there? It seemed like Dr. Dave had called Elizabeth down to look at himself, when in fact it wasn't that at all. Long story short, the patient has had an aneurysm repaired, but Elizabeth determines that "his belly's benign," and that it's just the flu.

Out in the hall, Finch is briefing Mark about Marty. Mark says it's possible that his bruises are from roughhousing, but Finch says that Marty has "skin-popping abscesses." Mark asks about the tox screen, and Finch says that other than Marty's white count (which is up), he's clean. Mark notes that the tox screen doesn't catch everything. Finch asks what Mark's thinking, and he says he doesn't have anything in particular in mind, but that maybe Finch can "bluff it out of" Marty.

On his way...away, Mark runs into Lucy, who yips, "Someone stole my patient!" Mark calls to Benton, who is sitting at a desk in the hall, whether he stole Lucy's patient, and Benton mutters, "Check the Lost and Found." Apparently at the sound of his voice, a woman comes around the corner with a little girl in tow, and says that she took Tia up to Surgery to register, and that the nurse told her that Tia couldn't have her surgery today. Benton leads them back around the corner, sits them down, and tells Mrs. Tia that there's "an availability problem in the OR." Mrs. Tia warily asks whether Dr. Ashcoff changed his mind, and Benton heartily assures her that they just have to reschedule. Tia slumps over quite pathetically, her cheeks concealed between her hair and her jacket. Mrs. Tia says that, having "come all the way down" to County, they'll wait. Benton reluctantly tells her that the surgery will not happen today, and apologizes.

Tia: I'm not gonna get 'em fixed?
Sars: Just peel off the plastic scar and you'll be fine.

Sars, as always, is right; considering the to-do being made over it, the scar is pretty unimpressive. Benton tells Tia that, having waited this long, she can wait another day. Tia looks very sad indeed. Mrs. Tia takes Benton aside, regards him levelly, and says, "It has taken me months to get Tia to step out of the house. I can't give her false hope. Now, if this isn't going to happen, you need to tell us." Benton firmly says, "It's gonna happen. I just need a little time, that's all." Mrs. Tia thanks him.

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