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Elizabeth hangs up the phone in Lucy's room, and tells Kit that she has to go to the OR, and then assures Lucy that she'll be back. Of course, as soon as Elizabeth puts her hand on the door to open it, Lucy's sat starts dropping. Elizabeth asks her if it's "chest pain? Sudden onset?" but of course Lucy can't talk and doesn't say anything. Elizabeth calls out orders, and Lucy deliberately mouths, "P-E?" Elizabeth tells her that PE (pulmonary embolism -- I guessed that one right!) is a distinct possibility, and Lucy makes a "fuck!" face as they anxiously, but gingerly work on her (what with the bleeding, cut-open chest and all). Romano runs in just in time for them to start wheeling Lucy out of the room for a CT-scan. Elizabeth calls for a heparin drip, and Romano pulls her aside and tells her not to thin Lucy's blood if they don't have to. Elizabeth points out that Lucy's "just thrown a massive clot in her lung," and that if it is a PE, she could throw another. Romano argues that Lucy's just had massive surgery, and that they don't want her to bleed out. They finally decide that they won't "heparinize" for at least two hours, and Elizabeth confidently declares, "I won't need that long."

Mark walks up to the desk, where Samantha is standing, and waiting. Because we all know how much pregnant women enjoy spending time on their feet. When she sees Mark, she asks whether he was working on Paul. Mark tells her that Paul was hit by a car, and sustained a collapsed lung, which they fixed. He suffered no head trauma, and he's seeing a psychiatrist right now. Samantha nods, because -- unlike the experience of being summoned to a hospital to learn that the husband with whom you share a life and an unborn child is the only suspect in a double attempted-murder -- these are events she can understand, and she asks whether she may see him. Mark tells her she may want to wait a minute, because they gave him a drug "to calm him down." Mark walks off, and Samantha yells after him, "I really need to see him!" Mark holds up a single finger (not that one) to indicate that she needs to wait.

Back up in CT, Elizabeth has confirmed that Lucy has, in fact, thrown a pulmonary embolism. Romano tells Elizabeth to take Lucy down to angiography, and that he'll meet her there. In the next room, Kit quietly tells Elizabeth that Lucy's abdominal dressings are "soaked through from the incision" -- and we see that they are, in a nice straight line down her torso. Elizabeth tells Kit to send off a hematocrit, and tells Lucy that it's "just a little oozing," due to the heparin; she adds that Lucy's blood pressure is fine, she shows no major hemorrhage, but that she's got a pulmonary embolism. Lucy winces, but Elizabeth tells her that they're taking her to surgery for a "Greenfield filter," and will reverse the heparin. Lucy may, however, require another transfusion. Lucy nods quickly. Elizabeth asks, "Lucy, are you with me?" Lucy nods again. Elizabeth says, "I'll get you through this," and Lucy nods. Again. Elizabeth, the girl can't talk. Have a conversation with Kit, if you need human contact.

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