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All In The Family

Chen and Dr. Dave bust into Doc Magoo's and order coffee. They glance over at the nearest booth, where Lisa and Luka are nursing drinks of some kind. Lisa and Luka admit that they didn't want to go home, and that the day's events are "pretty scary." Lisa adds, "I was complaining about my day." Dude, it was bad enough you had to play Mrs. Jim Carrey in Liar, Liar -- you've suffered, too.

Elizabeth and Kit take Lucy into an OR prep room. Elizabeth orders drugs, and explains to Lucy that it's just to relax her during the procedure. Lucy mouths something, which Elizabeth correctly interprets as her wish to stay awake, and she agrees. Elizabeth explains what she's about to do, and goes off to scrub. Romano heartily says, "Don't worry, Ms. Knight. We've put far too much time and energy into your training to lose you now." As he blusters on about how many Greenfield filters he's done, how easy they are, and that he'll even talk her through it if she likes, the camera zooms in on Lucy's face, as she blinks quickly a few times and moves her head very slightly to and fro. A machine starts chirping, and Romano determines that she's thrown another clot. He starts doing compressions, and says that they'll have to cut her open here. By now Elizabeth's come back in, just in time to hear Romano call for wire cutters. "Wire cutters?" Kit repeats, and Elizabeth explains that they wired the breastbone together when they were finished operating. Ow. If this hadn't happened, would Lucy have had to walk around with wires in her chest forever?

Benton is still working on Carter when Shirley comes in to tell him that Elizabeth never answered the page. Benton asks Anspaugh if he can take the industrial-whatever-whoever, like, insubordination, much? but Anspaugh points out that he's in the process of suturing. Benton protests that he still has "to run the bowel again." Anspaugh tells Benton that the other guy -- whoever -- needs something, or whatever, and promises to page Benton if anything with Carter changes.

Benton pulls off his gown and strides into another OR, where Finch is waiting with some guy. There's another patient in the hospital? I'm sorry, but they could have mentioned that before, because it is news to me. Benton very quickly --and obviously inadequately -- assesses the patient as normal, tells the nurses to prep him for...something, and tells Finch to wait for the surgeon. "You're not going to stay?" she yells at his departing figure, and he says he's still working on Carter.

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