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All In The Family

Elizabeth and Romano are into Lucy's chest up to their wrists. They start sucking things out; apparently, there are a whole bunch of clots in there.

Finch's patient -- who? what? -- starts crashing. In the absence of an actual surgeon, she tells the scrub nurses to prep for a thoracotomy. They remind her that he actually needs a laporotomy, but she says she doesn't know how to do one of those, and that a thoracotomy will hold him for the time being.

Lucy's condition is getting way worse way fast. Presently, she's in v-fib, and Elizabeth gets the internal paddles and shocks her six times, to no avail.

Benton walks in on some guy Finch seems to have found somewhere, whose chest is wide open. He starts giving her shit for giving the patient a totally unnecessary thoracotomy, but she reminds him that he left her alone with him, and that the patient would be dead right now if she hadn't done what she did. He gives her more shit, and she defends herself some more, until he snarls, "Dr. Finch, you better step the hell back, now." She gives him a "whatever" look (which for her means raising her right eyebrow three microns), and stomps out. Hey, I know Jeanie's on tour with Tina Turner, but does anyone have her phone number? When she comes through Chicago, she and Finch should really go for coffee or something.

Elizabeth is still shocking Lucy with the internal paddles, and Romano is still doing internal compressions; Lucy's asystole. After one more shock, she goes flatline, and Romano, still massaging her heart, says, "That's it. We've done everything we can." Elizabeth holds the paddles aloft, as if she's about to toss a large, bloody salad; her eyes well up with tears. "Holding compressions," says Romano. Elizabeth lowers the paddles a bit, and the machine continues to flatline. They both stand still for a moment, holding their arms up, and then Romano mumbles, "Oh, dammit," and throws a tray of instruments at the wall. Elizabeth cries silently, and gazes into Lucy's open chest cavity. "Son of a bitch," says Romano, and then, "No. No. Let's give it a minute for the last epi to circulate." He plunges his hands back inside Lucy's chest and starts massaging her heart again, yelling at Elizabeth to charge the paddles to thirty. She doesn't move, and he yells at her again, still to no response. After a few seconds, he pulls his hands out of Lucy's chest, and says, "Call it." Elizabeth turns around to see the clock, and calls Lucy Knight's time of death: "2:56."

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