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All In The Family

Paul is sitting up in bed, in restraints. Mark is doing something to his left foot as Paul meekly asks, "When can I go home?" Mark replies that he doesn't know. Paul, sounding very sad and frightened, says, "I want to go home! I -- I need to feed my dog." A uniformed cop posted outside the door opens it for De Raad, who tells Paul he has a visitor, and steps aside to allow Samantha to rush in to Paul's bedside. At the sight of her, Paul starts crying, and she gently strokes his cheek and cries a little, too. She asks if he's okay, and he tells her that he wants to go home. She asks what happened, and he answers (sort of), "They took my clothes, and they took my shoes." De Raad asks to whom Paul's referring, and he replies, "Them." De Raad asks to whom "them" refers, and Paul says, "They had a -- a blue cake." De Raad asks, "Is that where you got the knife?" Paul turns to Samantha and says, "They were going to open me." Realization that the charges are true comes to rest on Samantha's face, and she tries her best not to cry openly.

De Raad asks, again, about the knife, and Paul tells Samantha, "They were going to take my organs!" De Raad asks, "What organs?" Paul finally turns to De Raad and, growing belligerent again, yells, "My internal organs! Don't you understand? I had -- I had to protect them. Don't try to tell me I don't know, because I know. They were trying to take them, and I had -- I had to stop them!" Samantha weeps. Paul turns to her, and she tries to maintain, with moderate success. De Raad asks, "Is he ready?" and Mark says that he is. Paul glances from Mark to De Raad and back again, looking completely terrified. Mark asks, "You're going to take him upstairs?" and De Raad nods. Mark leaves as Paul starts up again about wanting to go home, and needing to feed his dog.

Mark steps out in the hall, and walks to the desk, where Weaver is sitting, looking down. When she hears Mark's approach, she looks up at him, and it's apparent she's been crying. Neither of them says anything.

Benton walks out of an OR as a passel of scrub nurses pushes out some guy's gurney. Finch is standing out in the hall. Benton walks up to her and asks whether Carter's out of surgery. She says that he's extubated and in recovery, and that his vitals are stable. Benton makes relieved noises, and then miraculously apologizes for his earlier behaviour, admitting that it was unprofessional of him to leave her alone so long with a surgical patient. When she doesn't say anything in response, he asks what's wrong, and she tells him there was a complication with Lucy.

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