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All In The Family

At Doc Magoo's, another table has been pulled up and Lydia and Haleh have joined Lisa, Luka, Chen, and Dr. Dave. Haleh and Lydia are telling a story about a time Carter played a prank on Lucy by sending her in to perform a pelvic exam on a well-known (around County, anyway) drag queen. Just as Chen's saying, "You gotta hand it to Vanessa; he's got a better figure than I do," Chuny comes in and stands in the doorway for a moment until everyone looks her way. When the laughter and conversation stop, she says simply, "Lucy."

We get a shot of a bare leg, and an instrument, and Benton's voice telling the leg's owner to tell him when the vibration stops. Of course, the leg is Carter's, and Benton is performing various tests of Carter's reflexes, to make sure he wasn't paralyzed. Carter asks about his pancreas, and Benton tells him it was totally intact, and that Paul only got Carter's descending colon. Carter asks how long he'll have the colostomy, and Benton tells him it'll be a month. Carter says, "Now," and Benton tells him that his sensation's intact, and that he was lucky. Carter agrees, "I know. Thank you." Benton says he's welcome, and then starts another test on Carter's leg. Carter asks how Lucy's doing, and Benton ignores him, telling him again to lift his leg. Carter does so, laboriously, and says it hurts. Benton is pleased with the results of this test, too. Carter says his back is killing him, and Benton tells him about the spinal hematoma, tells him he'll give him some morphine, and adds that he wants Carter up and walking in twelve hours. Carter settles back in bed, and then suddenly says, "Lucy's dead, isn't she?" I start crying. AGAIN. Benton blinks, and doesn't answer. Carter looks away, and joins me in crying.

Mama Corday is in bed, kind of smiling. I cannot tell you how certain I was that the next shot would be of an equally happy-looking Holling in bed with her, but again, I was wrong, and happy to be so. She starts at the sound of a door closing, and steps out into the living room, where Elizabeth is sitting, looking stunned. MC asks if everything's all right, and Elizabeth replies, "No." MC asks whether Elizabeth wants to talk about it, and she says she doesn't. MC bustles off to make tea. Elizabeth's face slowly softens into tears.

At the hospital, Mark steps off the elevator and smack into Death Room, where police tape has been pasted over all the doors, and crime-scene photos are being taken. He walks to the nearest open doorway and looks inside at the puddles of blood, and the cops gingerly stepping around them. Behind him, we hear Carol's voice -- about as welcome as a root canal -- ordering Malik to get her various supplies. When she notices Mark, she stops, and tells him she just heard. She asks how it happened, and he asks if they may talk about it later. They walk together down the hall, and he asks what's coming in. She says it's a multi-victim trauma -- an assembly-line accident. Yeesh. She says she told the dispatch they could take two majors and six minors. Mark asks their ETA, and she says, "They're rolling up, but I just realized we're down a doc and a med student." I'm sure Carter's very sorry he's fucked up your day, Carol. Why don't you page him and let him tell you himself? And I'm sure Lucy would apologize -- if she could -- for so recklessly getting in the way of Paul's knife, but hey, look on the bright side: At least you know you won't have to start any more IVs for her, right? GOD, Carol sucks! Lisa walks by, on her way to the lounge I'd guess, and Mark asks her if she's off. She says she is, but agrees to cover when he asks. Carol thanks her, and Mark moves off to the desk, where he takes a deep breath. He doesn't get to pause for long, though, as we hear Doris's voice give the bullet on one of the assembly-line accident victims. He turns around and goes to meet the gurney.

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