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All In The Family

Weaver crutches into the lounge, where Abby "Lisa" Lockhart is on the phone, saying, "I'm sorry, Mrs. Manir; it was a mistake." It seems that she's unwittingly bounced a cheque, having expected funds that never arrived. I'm guessing it has something to do with the husband who wouldn't remember he was married -- the one she mentioned to Mrs. Connelly last week. Lisa hangs up, looking annoyed and tense. Weaver quietly asks if everything's okay, and Lisa says, "No, but I'm sure it'll work out." Carol comes in, complaining that she's "beat," and starts putting on her coat and scarf. Lisa asks if Carol's leaving, and she says that she is, and that all she wants is to "go home and hug [her] girls." Way to smuggify in front of the two singletons, Carol. Weaver asks whether Carol lost a patient, and Carol and Lisa answer in unison, "Yes." Weaver closes her locker door, and comments, "It's nice to have someone to go home to."

Weaver crutches back to the desk, where Chuny is telling Conni that she and "Alex" broke up. Conni says she thought Alex was "the man," and Chuny snorts, "Yeah, so did my neighbour." "Ouch," says Yosh. Hee! Weaver offers to take any patients Luka wants to hand off, and he hands her a set of films on "Cupid -- a singing telegram, slipped on some ice." Randi says that she needs a doctor to go to radiology over a patient named Rodriguez; Lydia says she thinks that patient is Carter's, and Weaver, crutching off, calls, "Okay, find Carter." From chairs, Haleh is pushing a wheelchair containing an indigent-looking patient named Pablo. In a nice bit of continuity, he's a homeless patient we've seen before; two seasons ago, Carol was bathing him, and he was complaining that she was doing it instead of Haleh, when she got the idea to open the clinic in the ER. Weaver recognizes him and asks how he is; he says, "They put me on a bus," and explains that it was "a green one." Haleh fills in the blanks that Pablo was in Mexico, and she figures he was deported. As Haleh pushes the wheelchair down the hall, and Weaver crutches along beside, the camera is parked right beside the door leading to the curtain area where the viewer knows -- as no one else does -- Carter and Lucy are possibly bleeding to death. As Haleh takes Pablo off to check out an injured foot and bathe him, Dr. De Raad from Psych comes off the elevator and wishes Weaver a happy Valentine's Day -- "or night, I guess." She reciprocates pleasantly enough. He asks if she knows where a patient names Sobriki is. She looks at the spelling of the name on De Raad's clipboard, and, failing to recognize it, tells him that she just got on, and suggests that he check the board. He goes off to do so, and Weaver crutches around the corner of the Death Room, where Cupid is sitting on a bench nursing his injured ankle. As the Hum of Foreboding starts up on the soundtrack, Weaver puts Cupid's film up on a light box in the hall; the box seems to be on the fritz, so she asks Cupid to wait and goes toward the nearest curtain area in search of another one. At the door, Jing-Mei "Deb" Chen stops her to ask about a patient who's swallowed something called "Bare Butt Booty Oil," and I suffer my first of several cardiac arrests because the tension is. Too. MUCH. Weaver takes the bottle and promises to speak to Toxicology about testing it; Chen thanks her and takes off, and the camera pans down to the threshold of the door, and a single bloody print of a bare foot. Weaver frowns at the footprint, and pushes open the door to the curtain area. She pauses for a moment, getting her bearings in the dark, and then screams.

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