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All In The Family

The rolling of the credits gives me time to put both Sars and the Kids Help Phone on speed dial.

Back at the piano bar, Mark "Mt. Baldy" Greene and Elizabeth "Broken English" Corday are very tunelessly singing Billy Joel's "Piano Man." If this is the calibre of "comic" "relief" I can look forward to, I'll be the one with a pulmonary embolism before the hour's out. At the table, Isabel "Mama" Corday and David "Holling" Greene quietly dis their progenies' complete lack of musical talent. Fortunately, we don't have to suffer through much of the doctors' performance, as first Elizabeth's, and then Mark's pager goes off.

Back at the hospital, Lucy "Last" Knight is being rushed into a trauma room; Weaver yells orders while Lily bags her. As the camera follows Lucy's stretcher, it passes Haleh, who is yelling into a phone, "No, I can't stay on the line!" Down the hall, a male voice (possibly Malik's) yells, "That guy could still be running around here!" and Haleh concludes her phone call: "Just get 'em here! Every cop in the city knows where we are!"

As Haleh hangs up, the camera cuts to the team attending to John "Upset the Apple" Carter, which includes Luka, Chen, and Lisa. Chen is yelling at him to answer whether he can hear her, and Luka assesses him at "Glasgow coma scale seven." Cut to Carter's face; his lips are moving weakly, but no sound is audible. Lisa asks whether anyone knows how long he and Lucy may have been lying in the Death Room, and Chen says that it was long enough for each of them "to lose a couple of litres" of blood. Lydia brokenly says, "I can't believe nobody saw anything," and Luka snaps, not unkindly, "Let's talk about it later."

In the next trauma room, Lucy is transferred to the bed. Weaver calls out a couple of meds orders, and Dr. Dave observes that Lucy's sustained stab wounds to the left neck and chest, and "two more in the belly." Weaver demands a blood pressure reading; Haleh tells her to hold on because Lucy's pulse ox is low, and Weaver barks, "That's why I'm tubing her! Get me a blood pressure!" Dr. Dave quietly calls for a chest tube tray, and Weaver shouts him down, saying instead that they should start a central line. Haleh announces Lucy's blood pressure; Weaver calls for O-negative blood for the rapid infuser. She struggles a bit while intubating Lucy, but is ultimately successful. They continue their efforts to stabilize Lucy as Weaver bitterly remarks, "People were having parties while these two were in there bleeding to death." Well, Kerry, it's not like they were having a party because Lucy and Carter were bleeding to death, because if they were, Sars would have been invited. ["Sars would have brought the beer, even. Sars feels pretty guilty about that now." -- Sars]

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