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Back on the second floor (not) with Luka, they've determined the location (left flank) and number (two) of Carter's stab wounds. Lisa asks whether the stabber hit Carter's spinal cord, and Luka replies that it depends on the angle. Everyone yells out Carter's vital signs; Chen asks whether they should intubate, and Luka tells her to give him ten litres of oxygen by mask for now, presumably because that's more dramatic-looking. As they toil, Lisa tells Chen, "I was just talking to him."

Elsewhere, Conni is leading a uniformed cop to the Death Room; she tells him that the patient presumed to have done the stabbing is gone. The cop peers inside and, instead of turning on the overhead light, shines his flashlight over the puddle of blood and the Valentine from Yosh (aw!). Uniformed Cop mutters, "Oh, boy." Uniformed Cop 2 asks the patient's name, and De Raad appears and says, "Paul. Paul Sobriki." UC2 asks what Paul looks like, and De Raad says that he doesn't know, since he hadn't seen him yet. Conni makes to go for Paul's chart, but UC1 stops her and says that no one should go into Death Room, because it's a crime scene. Inside, he walks over to the far wall, both to flick on the overhead light, and to allow the camera an easy pan.... Peter "First and Last Month's" Benton, who comes tearing down the stairs, sprinting through the hall (and smack into UC2, who tries to stop Benton before Conni yelps, "It's okay! He's a doctor!") , and straight for Carter's bedside. ["This is where I started crying." -- Sars] In fact, before he's even in the room, he's yelling, "Is he conscious?" Luka starts to tell Benton that Carter's hypotensive, with two stab wounds, but Benton just snarls again, "IS HE CONSCIOUS?!" Luka says that Carter isn't conscious, but that he's responding to fluid resuscitation. Chen tells Benton how this happened, and that Lucy was injured as well, but Benton really doesn't have his best listening ears on, and tells everyone to roll Carter so that Benton can get a look at the wounds; when he does, he groans at the sight and they gently lower Carter back down. Benton asks why the patient wasn't in restraints; Chen says she doesn't know, but I think it probably has something to do with the fact humplepie pointed out on the forums, which is that a patient -- even one with possible psychological problems -- can't be put into restraints until there's some evidence that he plans to harm himself or others, which wasn't the case with Paul, of course, until it was too late. Anyway, Benton asks where the foley is, and Luka says that's next, so it's really kind of a good thing that Carter isn't conscious.

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