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Weaver and the rest of the crew continue to work on Lucy when Randi comes in and, in a quavery voice, tells Weaver that the police are sealing off Curtain Three (a.k.a. Death Room) and that they need to speak with anyone who dealt with Sobriki right away. Weaver snaps, "Handle it, Randi." Dr. Dave starts yelping, "God, look at this, look at this, Chief!" It seems that Lucy has a tracheal laceration and requires a "crike," according to Dr. Dave; Weaver disagrees, and thinks Lucy needs a tracheotomy instead. She tells Haleh to go get Benton.

Haleh pushes open the door and tells Benton that Weaver needs him. He tells her to hold on. Luka observes that Carter's "toes are down-going," which indicates that there's no spinal injury; he tells Lydia to hang two more units on the infuser, but she protests that it's not set up. "Get it set up," he barks, and Lisa says she'll do it. Benton, still examining Carter, says that the stab wound "probably got the descending colon." Haleh says, "Peter, Dr. Weaver needs you right now; she needs to trach Lucy." This stops everyone in their tracks for a second, and Benton calls out some final pre-surgery orders -- including asking, again, after the status of the foley -- before pushing into Lucy's room.

Lisa rushes out into the hall. She starts rifling through a rack full of equipment and asks Conni, standing nearby, where the infusor is; Conni tells her it should be there. As she continues flicking through all the shelves and drawers, the camera slowly pans upward. Lisa calls to Conni that she still can't find it, and Conni suggests that she try the top shelf. By now the camera has come to rest at a point just above the shelf, treating the viewing audience to a clear shot of the butcher knife from the lounge with which Paul stabbed Lucy and Carter. Oblivious to the location of this piece of evidence, Lisa shifts boxes around; she finally pulls one down, and the knife falls with it. Lisa shrieks; UC2 comes over to check it out, warning her not to touch it. Suddenly, we cut to KnifeCam; Conni approaches the knife on her hands and knees and identifies it as the knife with which they'd planned to cut the cake. Lisa breathlessly regards the knife for a moment, and then manages, "I -- I have to go find some tubing." She goes around the corner to a large storage closet and starts pacing with her hand over her mouth, valiantly trying not to burst into tears. Yet another uniformed cop (UC3) appears at the screen door that gives out onto the hall and asks her whether she's working on one of the victims. She pulls it together enough to confirm that she is, and starts going through the drawers looking for tubing to avoid the officer's eye. The cop asks if Carter's going to make it, and she says she doesn't know. He asks if Carter's awake, and Lisa, having located the required equipment, yells, "Got it!" and takes off back to Carter's trauma room. The camera and the cop both follow her in. Chen by now is shining a light in Carter's eyes and reports that his right pupil is five millimetres and reactive. She moves on to the left, and Carter flinches away. "John!" Chen yells. He huffs a couple of times, and casts terrified eyes about the room. "John?" Chen says again. "Deb?" he squeaks. At this point, I start crying. Chen tells Carter to look at her, and asks him whether he knows where he is. His eyes flick around a bit more, and he grunts, "My back...." Chen tells him he was stabbed, but they've got his pressure up. Carter groans, "Lucy...." but before Chen can tell him anything about her, UC3 introduces himself as Officer Bad Timing -- I mean "Bernini," and asks Carter whether he saw the man who stabbed him. Chen exasperatedly asks whether they "need to do this right now," and Carter weakly moves his head back and forth, indicating that he did not. Bernini (formerly UC3) makes some noises about securing a statement, but Chen gets rid of him. Carter says, "What?" and Luka tells him it's nothing, and that the stabber missed his spinal cord. Carter arches his back and screams with pain at the insertion of the foley; the motion turns him over to his side, and he sees through the glass door into Lucy's room, locking eyes with Benton as he works on her. Carter's gaze then falls on Lucy's face. The dark roots of her hair are quite visible; she has a tube in her throat, and a lot of blood on her neck. Carter chokes, "Is that Lucy?" and Lisa tells him it is, and that she's alive. Just then one of the machines attached to Carter starts chirping, and not happily. Chen quietly calls Luka's attention to a bag full of bloody urine. Carter is no dummy and demands, "What is it?" No one answers. Luka tells Chen to get Benton (heh) back in to attend to Carter.

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