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All In The Family

And now it's time for The Blame Game, which we join in progress. Down at the desk, Luka is asking Amira, "You need a six-inch butcher knife to cut cake?" Amira tells him that she didn't bring it; someone just told her that's what they use. Luka says, "Yes, and we just leave it out?" Amira insists, "I didn't!" Mark steps between them to ask whether it was at admit, or in the lounge. Amira says that someone said it was in the lounge, but that when she went to get it, she couldn't find it. Weaver rounds the corner and tells Amira to go upstairs and get security to open up the personnel office, so that Weaver can get emergency contact numbers for Lucy and Carter. Mark leans against a doorway beside her as Weaver tries to retrace steps: "Okay. He presented with a headache --" and because Mark is such a genius, he asks, "Who?" Already exasperated, Weaver snaps, "Paul Sobriki," and then, her voice breaking with strain, adds, "Mark, please, tell me that you saw him." Mark says that he did, and that Lucy worked Paul up, and Carter supervised him. Pointedly, Weaver asks, "And who supervised him?" Luka, by now, has turned around in order to eavesdrop. Instead of answering Weaver's question, Mark says that "the LP came back negative." Weaver tells him that if he wanted to leave early, he could have at least "rounded." Mark deflects: "I ran the board with Dr. Kovac." Weaver demands, "For how long? For thirty seconds?" Mark insists that Luka was up to speed, but Luka disagrees: "Hold on. You didn't tell me he was psychotic." Point to Croatia. Mark replies that he didn't know Paul was psychotic himself, and asks, "Did he present to you?" referring, I guess, to Carter. Luka says he didn't see Paul, and that he thought they were waiting for a Psych consult. Weaver desperately yells, "Unless his status changes!" Luka says, "Someone should tell me that! I was managing the whole board!" "You were having a party!" Weaver screams. Point to the U.S. Mark tries to play peacemaker by saying that both he and Luka thought that Lucy and Carter "had it covered," which is a profoundly stupid thing to say under the circumstances, since, in fact, they actually did have "it" covered -- they had "it" covered with their own blood and viscera, so, way to supervise, Mark. Weaver says, unnecessarily, "Well, they didn't, did they?" Chuny comes in and yells, "Excuse me!" but no one's interested. Mark crosses the floor to stare Weaver down in his most condescending, I'm-a-tall-man way, and tell her, "Look, we both know we use the residents to keep us informed." Incredulously, Weaver asks, "Are you blaming Carter, Mark?" and Mark loses it and shrieks, "No, I'm not blaming anyone -- are you?" Chuny yells, "Excuse me! I have Samantha Sobriki with me. She's looking for her husband." A pregnant belly -- oh, God -- comes through the doorway, attached to a young woman who, if they ever lose Lisa, could play her in a pinch. She says she got a message from Lucy that her husband was at the hospital, but that it didn't say why. The doctors look at one another, and finally Weaver nods at Luka, the Empath-o-Matic, who wearily steps forward and takes her away. Malik tells Mark and Weaver that the med-evac containing the industrial-trauma victim is landing. Mark tells Weaver to go change, and that he'll take it.

Mark walks out from behind the desk and runs into Finch, who asks him if there was a bomb scare. Oh, right -- she's missed all the excitement. Mark says, "I wish," and they pass by chairs....

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