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All In The Family

....where the closed captions read, "...husband may be involved," but we don't actually hear it. Samantha says, "No. I don't believe you. Where's Paul? I want to see him." Luka very patiently but with great exasperation says, "He isn't here." "Paul wouldn't hurt anyone. He couldn't," she insists. Luka replies, "Your husband needs help, Mrs. Sobriki." She tells him there's been some kind of mistake, and he tells her that they think Paul may be schizophrenic. She stares back unblinkingly and finally asks, "What?" Luka tells her that a first psychotic break can happen in a patient's twenties. She tells Luka very anxiously that he's wrong, and he starts to deny it but apparently realizes there's not much point arguing with her just now, and shuts up.

In the OR, Benton and Anspaugh operate on Carter. Naturally, there are complications. Benton starts getting crazy and prematurely calling out orders, but Anspaugh essentially tells him to chill, and overrules him.

In Lucy's OR, Elizabeth is saying that there's too much bleeding for her to identify the source. Elizabeth notes that the spleen's still bleeding, and that Lucy is losing blood as quickly as they can give it to her.

Finch, Mark, and one paramedic push the industrial-trauma victim about whom no one cares out of an elevator. The paramedic gives the bullet and Mark's like, "Yeah, whatever." They get to the door of a trauma room and Holling appears at the end of the hall, calling to Mark and asking him what's wrong. Mark comes over and briefly tells Holling what happened; as he's doing so, Lisa tells Mark that an auto-vs.-pedestrian accident victim is on his way on a five-minute ETA. Holling asks what he should do with Mama Corday, and Mark asks him to wait half an hour, at which time Mark will drive them home. Yeah, I'd want him driving right now. He's already attended several patients after enjoying (as we saw last week) some fermented beverages; now he's all upset and traumatized, on top of that? Hey, Mark, there's this great new invention that I think they may have in Chicago by now. It's called a cab. Although, now that I think about it, maybe that's not the greatest idea. I'd hate to think how Mama Corday would react to finding herself in the back of a cab chauffeured by a very recent immigrant begging her, "Guide me, please." I remember how Sars, maggie and I reacted when we found ourselves in that position, and let's just say there's a confused recent immigrant who doesn't know the Evanston Holiday Inn from the downtown Days Inn who has, since August, been driving his cab with half a head and a strip torn off his back. I suspect that Mama Corday would likewise find herself playing either Bad Cop, Worse Cop, or Devil Cop, exactly as we did. But I digress. Holling asks Mark whether his "friends" will be okay, and Mark says he doesn't know.

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