Alone In A Crowd

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Alone In A Crowd

Sam and Abby wheel Ellie up to Neurology for her procedure. They discuss one particular doctor who has a good reputation, but Sam heard he's screwing a med student. They wheel Ellie into the proper room, and Sam informs Ellie that they have to go back downstairs. Ellie protests that the new people are strangers. The doctor arrives and says that he'll be cleaning the top of her legs to prepare for the catheter insertion. A nurse adds, "I'm Martha, and I'll be shaving part of your pubic hair." Ellie thinks, "Fantastic." Heh. That was such a Miranda line reading.

Abby goes to Dubenko's office to write up her article, as promised. He's busy looking into a microscope. Abby says that she pulled some charts. Dubenko stands up and asks distractedly if Abby likes burgers, because he thought they could have a working dinner. Abby is surprised, but goes along as Dubenko offers up his coat for her. She weakly protests that she's not that hungry, but Dubenko insists.

Carter is trying to cook a roast, which seems antithetical to Wendall's stated eating beliefs. Anyway, the roast isn't done, and they try to come up with an alternate eating plan. Wendall suggests ordering pizza, and Carter is already dialing the phone. As Carter prepares to place the order, Wendall tells him, "I think I love you." That should have been the episode title, since it's the second time we've heard that phrase tonight. Carter doesn't respond, perhaps because he's in the middle of ordering. Wendall mouths, "Brat."

Shane updates Malarkey on the case of Teargas Tito. As they enter Tito's room, Shane introduces Malarkey to Tito's grandmother, who is standing by his bedside. Pratt stands nearby, ostensibly writing up a chart, but actually eavesdropping. Tito's grandmother says that Tito is a good boy, and that she can't believe that Malarkey accused him of stealing TVs. Pratt turns around and says, "What?" Malarkey tries to say that he was kidding. Tito calls bullshit, and Malarkey responds, "Whatever, dude. I'm sorry if you took offense." God, what a douchebag. Pratt calls Malarkey into the next room. Shane tries not to bust out laughing.

Once they are in the other room with the door closed, Pratt asks what that was all about. Malarkey says that Tito was part of a mob that got gassed by the cops. Pratt isn't satisfied. Malarkey tries to say that they get guys like that all of the time with "stories about their sick grannies." Unbeknownst to Pratt, Susan is standing behind him, listening. Pratt tells Malarkey that he can't make assumptions about every black kid that comes into the ER. Malarkey can't believe Pratt, of all people, is dressing him down. Pratt tells Malarkey to go in there and apologize like he means it. Malarkey is stunned, but Pratt tells him to do it, and Malarkey leaves. Susan finally speaks up and tells Pratt that he did a good job. Pratt sighs that Malarkey is an idiot. Susan tells him that Carter and Kovac want Pratt for Chief Resident. Pratt asks what Susan thinks. She says that if she sees more of what she just saw, she'd back him too. She asks if he's interested, and Pratt says no.

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