Alone In A Crowd

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Alone In A Crowd

Neela and Shane do some grocery shopping at the Jumbo Mart. Shane tells Neela that Malarkey is applying for Chief Resident, and Neela is horrified. She thinks Pratt should get the job. Neela spots Tucker's "dad" walking down the aisle, and calls out to him. She follows him around the store and reminds him that Clayton needs supervision tonight, due to his concussion. The guy turns around and tells Neela that they weren't his kids, and that Tucker gave him seven bucks to pretend that he was their father. Neela and Shane are shocked.

Ellie is still in the procedure, and now she's babbling about memories. She can apparently only get out single words at this point.

Back at the hospital, Neela tries to reach a social worker to go check up on Tucker and his siblings, but there are none available. She asks someone to send a 911 page. Shane tells her that if a kid was smart enough to hire someone to pose as his father, he's probably also capable of monitoring a concussion. Neela wonders why he would need to lie. Shane says that his real parents might be deadbeats, or he didn't want them to know about Clayton's injury. I figured his mom was a crackhead, but I'm all clichéd like that. Neela finds an address on the chart, and Shane says that it's a crappy neighborhood. Neela tries the phone, but it's been disconnected.

Malarkey and Susan wheel in a gunshot victim. Neela tries to consult her on the Tucker case, but Susan tells her to ask Pratt. Neela finds him and says that she needs to leave due to an emergency, and asks his permission. Pratt wants to know what kind of emergency it is. Neela tells him the story. Pratt checks the board and says that they're pretty caught up, so she can go, but that she should take Shane with her, because she'd headed into a dicey neighborhood. On the one hand, Pratt could have shown more concern about the case. On the other hand, he did show way more concern than Malarkey did earlier.

At Carter's place, the phone rings. He answers it and switches on the light. It's clearly Kem on the other end. Wendall stares at Carter, in disbelief that he's actually taking this call while she's lying next to him. She gets up and pulls on her clothes. Carter asks where she's going, and Wendall sighs, "I'll see you at work." Carter asks Kem if he can call her right back.

Carter follows Wendall outside and apologizes for being stupid and rude. Wendall asks if she's just a diversion for him until Kem returns to the U.S. Carter says that he and Kem had a baby together, and that he can't just cut Kem out of his life. Wendall asks, "Are you with me?" Carter doesn't answer, and instead asks if they can please go inside. Wendall starts to walk off, and Carter says sarcastically, "Oh, so that's it? One phone call, and you're gone, huh?" Wendall says that he could have told Kem Wendall was there. Carter says that he and Wendall spend every night together, enjoy each other's company, and have fun. Wendall looks like she was slapped in the face. Carter says he knows what he wants her to say, and he can't say it. Maybe he should have told her that earlier, instead of letting his silence give her hope. God, I hate Carter. Wendall still doesn't speak, so Carter apologizes. Wendall says, "Well, at least you're honest." She turns to leave, and Carter says that it doesn't mean that they can't.... Wendall interrupts him and says that it does. She walks away. Is it weird that I never really liked Wendall until that scene? The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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