Alone In A Crowd

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Alone In A Crowd

Ellie's procedure has arrived at the critical moment. The doctors are trying to remove the blood clot. It works, and everything looks good. Luka happily tells Ellie to wake up. The nurse suggests removing the ventilator, and Luka suggests doing it in the ER, just to be safe. And also, for maximum dramatic impact. You wouldn't want her first post-stroke words to be in the elevator or something.

Shane and Neela find the address Tucker gave, and park outside. They walk into the building. Neela knocks on the door and identifies herself. Tucker lets them in, and then turns and matter-of-factly tells his siblings to wake up. Should Clayton be sleeping with a concussion? I guess that's the least of their worries right now. Tucker reminds his siblings that he told them they would be split up if "they found out." Neela asks Tucker where his parents are. Tucker says it's just my mom, and she's in the bedroom. He gestures toward a door that has a towel stuffed in the crack underneath. I totally thought she was smoking pot in there. I'm that dumb. Shane and Neela look confused and head for the bedroom. After knocking on the door and calling out, they open it. The kids get their coats on. Neela and Shane walk into the bedroom and immediately notice the smell. Neela hides her face as Shane walks over to the bed and pulls back the covers. He manages to look both disgusted, shocked, and confused. Tucker tells them that his mother got sick a week ago. Neela runs out of the room, about to be sick.

A bunch of people from the hospital join Malarkey at the bar. It's Jake, Darlene, and the other two students from earlier. Darlene asks why no one is there yet. Malarkey acts all magnanimous and orders a round. As much as I hate Malarkey, Scott Grimes really cracks me up in this role. I mean, he's no Romano, but he does seem to take pleasure in being a big jerk. I enjoy that. Jake asks where Abby is, and she pops up behind him. Jake asks where she's been, and Abby, evading the question, says she's been around. She asks Malarkey what the gathering is about, and Malarkey says, "In a word? Mentoring." Darlene hilariously asks, "Is Dr. Pratt coming?" Malarkey says he had better be, because he and Pratt are supposed to split the bill.

Pratt walks into his apartment, grabs a beer, and turns on the game with a big grin. If he's home, and everyone else is at the bar, who in the hell is working? I guess Shane and Neela are technically working, but they're not at work.

Ellie's facial droop is completely gone. Luka tells her that he's going to take out the breathing tube. Sam reports on her vitals. Luka removes the tube, and Ellie coughs. Sam promises that the coughing will stop as Luka fits her with nasal oxygen. Ellie touches her face, and then realizes that she did so with her right hand. She stares at it in disbelief. She looks at Luka, and then Sam. Luka asks her to try to say something. She says softly, "Thank you." Her family bursts in at that moment, and she hugs her kids. If I ever have to have a stroke, I hope I have the kind they can completely reverse like that.

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