Alone In A Crowd

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Alone In A Crowd

The ambulance stops as Cynthia Nixon keeps asking the paramedics to take her back home, but they don't listen. She is wheeled out of the ambulance and greeted by Luka. Hello, nurse! The paramedic gives Luka the bullet as Cynthia continues babbling on about how she might have had too much coffee or had an anxiety attack. Sam and Abby join Luka and report her vitals. Cynthia says that she doesn't have high blood pressure, but that her father does. Luka asks Cynthia's name, and she says it's Ellie Shore. We switch to a normal POV and finally see Ellie's face for the first time -- her right side is drooping and looks paralyzed. She's making incomprehensible noises.

Do you ever think about how rich Michael Crichton must be? I mean, even if you take away his numerous best-selling books, he owns a piece of this show, and presumably a piece of the movie and merchandising for Jurassic Park. That's an assload of money.

Neela gets ready for work in her bedroom as Shane's band practices in the living room. She walks through the living room quickly, trying to get out, and yells to Shane that she'll see him later. He asks if she's heading to work, and says that he'll give her a ride. What I don't get is that the whole band was playing their instruments but all you could hear was one guitar. Neela says she thought they were trying to get opposite shifts, and Shane apologizes that he had to make a switch because he has a gig on Saturday. Then he asks if she's okay with the guys staying there while they are both at work. Before she can answer, he says, "Cool." Neela smiles wanly and says hello to "the guys." One of them asks if she plays anything, and Neela doubtfully says, "Viola?" Silence.

We're back to Ellie's POV as she complains that Abby is shining a bright light in her eyes, and then wonders why nobody is listening to her. Luka notes that she has a right-sided facial droop. Ellie says that it does feel kind of numb. Just assume that when I say Ellie "says" something, it's really just a voice-over. Ellie thinks she might not be talking loudly enough, and then yells, "Excuse me. Where am I?" Luka says that she's at County Hospital. Ellie scoffs, "County? Great." Abby grabs Ellie's left hand and asks her to squeeze, which Ellie does. Ellie continues insisting that she's fine and can go home. Luka grabs her right hand and asks her to squeeze. Ellie's hand flops around limply. Luka raises her arm, and when he lets go, it drops lifelessly to the gurney. Ellie says, with increasing panic, "Was that my arm? Because I didn't feel it. I didn't feel anything. What's wrong with my arm? What's wrong with my arm? Oh my God! Where's my leg, my foot? Why can't I feel my foot?" Ellie's terrified thoughts are interrupted when Sam cuts off her jeans and removes her underwear. Ellie insists that she's not staying. Sam leans in and tells her, "Just try to relax, okay? Ma'am, I'm going to put a catheter into your bladder. There might be some discomfort as it passes, okay?" Um, "discomfort"? I've never been catheterized, but I think if someone stuck a tube in my urethra, it would cause something more than discomfort. Ellie appears to agree with me as she squeals inside her head.

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