Alone In A Crowd

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Alone In A Crowd

Wendall and Carter jog along a bridge. Carter asks if she does this on her every day off, and Wendall says that usually it's a 10K. God, I hate people who love to exercise. I don't mind people who enjoy it once they get going, or do it because they enjoy the health benefits, but the people who really get off on it, and seem judgmental about those who don't, really bug me. ["Word. The best part of exercising is when you stop." -- Wing Chun] Anyway, Wendall suggests a water break, and they stop. Wendall is barely winded, and Carter is practically coughing up a lung. Wendall says it's been three months, and Carter plays dumb as to what she's talking about. Carter asks what they're doing for dinner that night, and Wendall says she'd like to stay in. She wants to race Carter to the fountain, and the winner will cook dinner while the loser cleans up. Carter agrees, but before Wendall can start the race, he wishes her a happy three-month anniversary. Wendall is taken aback, and Carter uses the opportunity to get a head start to the fountain.

Darlene asks Pratt about a couple who were in a car accident, and can't drive home. Pratt tells her to get them a taxi voucher. Another student asks where to turn in some results, and Pratt gives her the location. Another student asks Pratt if he has any tips about dating on a student budget, and Pratt laughs and tells him not to bother. As Pratt walks behind the Admit Desk, he overhears Susan on the phone, saying that something is incredibly flattering. She hangs up, and Pratt asks if that was good news. Susan says they're being honored at the Trauma Foundation dinner. Really? After Carter's press conference and everything? Susan says they want "an outstanding senior resident to accept," and Pratt asks disingenuously, "So why tell me?" Susan jokes that fishing for compliments doesn't become him, and tells him the date and time of the dinner, and that he'll have to do a seven-minute PowerPoint presentation. Pratt, surprisingly, agrees to do it.

Malarkey walks up and asks whether Pratt is cozying up to management, and Pratt says that won't happen in this lifetime. Malarkey says that a bunch of them are going out tonight to celebrate Weaver's being on vacation. That's a tip for the viewers who were like, "How come last week's episode was all about Kerry, and she's nowhere to be seen this week?" Shane says he's in as long as the third-years are buying, and Malarkey stage-whispers to Pratt that he's trying to shore up support for his Chief Resident bid. Malarkey? Really? And he thinks he has a chance in hell? Malarkey asks Neela if she's in, and she says that it beats going home. Shane asks what's wrong with home, and looks genuinely baffled. Malarkey tries to get Pratt to join them, and he agrees to come, reluctantly. Susan overhears and asks, "What, the big kids aren't invited?" Everyone ignores her.

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