Alone In A Crowd

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Alone In A Crowd

Neela walks up and asks Abby if her sofa is getting much action these days. Abby says it's not, but that she thought Neela was living with Shane. Neela says that her accommodations are "loud, messy, and a bit crowded." Abby reminds her that she could have taken her time in moving out, and Neela responds, "No, but it's not as though it was any better at your place." Zing! Abby even looks like she just got zinged.

Neela walks into the waiting room and asks for Clayton Davis, a six-year-old with wrist pain. He's there with his big brother, Tucker, and his sister, Bridget. Clayton also has a bump on his head, and Bridget says he fell off the kitchen counter. Tucker says that their dad went to get more coffee. Neela promises to take Clayton back, but says she'll need their dad to sign some forms before she can treat the kid. Tucker promises to go find him. Neela leads the other two kids back, and asks Clayton why he was on the counter. Clayton says he was trying to get a bowl, because he was hungry.

A woman walks through the waiting room with Ellie's three kids in tow. She's Ellie's neighbor. Meanwhile, Ellie is trying to think through her condition. She decides that the stroke has to be minor, because she can think, feel, and hear. Then she realizes that she's drooling. Sam gives Ellie a blanket and says it'll make her more comfortable. Ellie notes that Sam is smiling, so it must not be that bad, or it could mean that she doesn't know what's going on, since she's a nurse. Abby walks in and looks in Ellie's mouth. Ellie notes that Abby, the doctor, isn't smiling, but speculates that she might just be more serious. Abby reports that Ellie has no gag reflex. Luka says that her swallowing muscles are weak on the right side. Ellie looks at Luka and says, "Now, this one. He is gorgeous! What is he, 6'4", 6'5"?" Luka tells Ellie that they have to put a tube in her throat to protect her airway.

The neighbor shows up and asks if Ellie's kids can come in. Abby says that they can, but only for a minute. Sam tells Ellie that her kids are there. The kids walk in slowly, clearly terrified. Luka tells them to stand on Ellie's left side, so that she can hear them better. Abby explains that their mom is having a little trouble moving her right side. In her head, Ellie is cheery and encouraging, but her face doesn't move. One of the boys asks why Ellie's face looks funny. The other asks if she's dying. Ellie tries to reassure them, as Luka says that she's not dying, and asks when they saw her last. Ellie's daughter says that they saw their mom right after school, and she was fine. Ellie starts coughing. The kids look even more scared. Sam asks the neighbor to take the kids outside. The daughter asks what's going on, and Abby says that they need to help Ellie breathe. The neighbor herds the kids out. Ellie continues coughing, and monitors start beeping. Abby calls for etomidate and sux. Luka tells her that she's going to sleep now, and when she wakes up, she'll be breathing with a tube.

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