Alone In A Crowd

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Alone In A Crowd

Sam and Abby wheel Ellie's gurney out of the elevator as Ellie continues panicking inside her head. Sam yells out for help as Abby explains what she thinks happened. Ellie keeps yelling for someone to help her, because she's losing it. Under Luka's instruction, Abby gives Ellie fentanyl. Luka tells her that she's experiencing a normal side effect, and that they gave her a narcotic to help her. Ellie immediately calms down and asks, "What is that stuff called, again?" Luka gets right in her face and tells her that when the medication wears off, she'll be able to open her eyes again. Ellie concludes, "'Cause it is good. Really good!" I guess that explains why Carter was addicted to it.

Dubenko steps in and asks Abby for a moment of her time. Luka tells her to go ahead. In the hallway, Dubenko brings up a case they had the day before, and reveals that, in surgery, they found a condom full of cocaine lodged in the patient's jejunum. He thinks it was a "totally fantastic case," and he wants Abby to write it up today. He lists off the journals she should submit to. Abby is surprised that he wants her to write it up, and Dubenko promises to help, because it should only take a couple of hours. Abby says that she's working, and Dubenko says he'll talk to her superiors. Abby continues to object, but Dubenko asks why any intern wouldn't want to be published. Abby finally agrees, and Dubenko tells her to come to his office at 70 PM. He gets into the elevator as Abby nods in agreement.

Neela examines young Clayton's wrist, and says she doesn't think it's broken. She asks if the kids are still hungry, and they are. Tucker returns with his "dad," who I pegged from the first minute as totally not the father of those kids. The "dad" manages to ask how the boy's doing, and Neela reports that he has a mild concussion, and a probable sprained wrist that needs an x-ray to diagnose for sure. The "dad" tells her to do whatever she needs to do. Neela looks suspicious and asks him if he's been drinking. He says defensively that he had a beer. Neela says she'll get food trays for the kids while they wait for the x-ray. Tucker thanks her as she walks out. In the hallway, Neela finds Pratt and starts presenting the case to him, but Pratt cuts her off and tells her to present to Malarkey. Neela says she'd rather present to Pratt, but he bitches that he's busy and she has other options. Neela looks hurt.

Ellie raises her left arm in the air and notes that her left side still sort of works, which she takes as a good sign. Okay, if she can move her arm all around like that, couldn't she communicate by squeezing someone's hand? Like simple yes or no questions? Squeeze once for yes and twice for no? Just wondering. Ellie tries to move her right side with no success. Sam walks in and says that Ellie's heart rate is down. She peers at Ellie and asks, "You okay in there?" She could squeeze your hand to answer that one. Ellie complains that the tube in her throat hurts, and that she can't pee or walk. Sam tells her that she has gorgeous kids, and doesn't look like she's had three kids. Sam adds that the kids are in the family room. Ellie wonders why the kids aren't with her, and who is watching them, and where their father is. Ellie wrinkles her nose in disgust and asks, "Dear God, what is that?" Sam chuckles and says, "Yeah, pretty stinky, huh?" She looks over to the next bed, where an elderly woman is wearing a diaper. Sam goes over to change the woman's diaper. Ellie watches, probably wondering if that's what she has in store for the rest of her life. It was at this point that I had a talk with my husband about my health-care wishes, and reminded myself to get some paperwork sorted out. Because, seriously. That would be hell.

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