Alone In A Crowd

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Alone In A Crowd

Luka pulls Dan aside to explain the medical options available to Ellie, including the risky clot-extraction procedures, which could reverse her stroke. Abby explains the risks: "Infection and other complications that could lead to coma or death." Dan asks if she's in a coma right now, and Luka says that she's not, but that the stroke affected the language center of her brain, so she can see and hear, but can't communicate. Well, that should catch up all the people who've been watching another show and just tuned in. Luka asks what Dan thinks about the procedure, and Ellie thinks, "Say yes." Dan asks what happens if they don't do the procedure. Luka says she won't improve neurologically, and Dan says, "But she won't die." Ellie wants Dan to approve the procedure. Dan asks how long she can live like this, and Ellie thinks, "I can't live this way," as Abby answers, "Indefinitely." Dan doesn't know what to do. Ellie telepathically tries to remind her husband about when they talked about his cousin who had been in an accident and she said she'd rather die than live that way. Dan says it's not like she's a vegetable, and Ellie thinks, "This is worse, Dan! I'm aware! I don't even get to be brain-dead." Luka says they need Dan's consent as Ellie screams, "I consent! I consent! Dan, have some balls! If you love me, don't leave me like this." Dan is still unsure about the best course of action, but then he notices Ellie lifting her left hand and races to her side. They stare into each other's eyes as she silently begs him to give consent. Dan says okay. Couldn't she also communicate through blinking if the hand-squeezing won't work for some reason?

Tucker's "dad" is busy eating all the food from the trays Neela brought them. Neela walks in and totally busts him. She says that Clayton doesn't have a fracture, and that she'd like to put a splint on his wrist and have him back in a week for a recheck. She asks where the other kids are, and Tucker walks in and explains that he had to take Bridget to the bathroom. The dad asks if they're done there. Neela says she's already written the discharge order, and suggests that he bring the car around. Tucker says that they took the El. Neela offers them a taxi voucher, and Bridget is all excited about it. Their "father" agrees.

Neela spots Malarkey outside and excuses herself. Neela presents the case to him, and he barely listens to her before signing off and walking away. Neela chases after him and says that there's "a strange familiy dynamic." Malarkey asks if she's talking about physical or sexual abuse. Neela says that she doesn't think so, but she's not sure, but adds that the father has had a beer. Malarkey snarks, "Uh, breaking news. Having a brew isn't a crime." Yeah, but calling it "a brew" should be. Malarkey walks off in disgust.

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