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An Intern's Guide To The Galaxy

Abby gets blood drawn. A nice man gently tells her they'll test her for Hepatitis B and C, and HIV, and that she should be careful about sticking her hand in anything where used needles are lurking. She shrugs sweetly. "Stupid!" she says of her pretend mistake. He hands her a shitload of medicine, tells her how to take it, and says she should check back in two weeks. Abby looks not at all concerned that she's wasted the time of some very nice people with some very powerful medicine.

Neela bursts into the chapel and sees Juan praying. "We've been looking for you," she says. "You have leukemia." But she tells him that it's treatable and that he has an excellent chance of being cured. Juan ignores her, praying fearfully. Neela sits, tired. "I know it feels like something bigger than you is making this happen, but something also led you here," she points out. He turns slowly. "We will help you get through this," she promises. "There is a reason why you came into this hospital today." Juan looks at her, comprehension and hope jointly dawning in his eyes for the first time that day.

Carter stops Abby in the stairwell and kindly says that he heard about her needle stick, and does she want the day off? Abby winces. "I'm fine," she recoils uncomfortably. "I'm fine! Excuse me." Then she bumps into Wendall, who also heard. If word is traveling that fast, then that means Luka will have heard, and wouldn't he put two and two together? Abby had better hope he's as terrible at math as he is hot. Wendall offers a shoulder on which to cry, and smiles supportively. Urbanus rushes over to Abby in a complete tizzy over almost losing the love of his last three weeks. She gets a brainwave and asks him to get her an iced tea from across the street. Off he trots.

Ray stops off in Trauma Yellow because he sees a devastated Mrs. Mangled Man sitting in there, lost. "They took him to the morgue," she says brokenly. "Your sister called -- she took the kids to your house for the night," Ray says. Then he shoves his hands in his pockets. "Hey," he says, affecting a really out-of-place, upbeat tone. "I guess we had some kind of misunderstanding back there. I'm not even sure what it was about..." Liar. HATE. Lame apology. It's hard to like him when he won't ever admit to being wrong. "If there's anything I can do...Can I call you a cab, or something?" She is totally out of it, and Ray finally realizes that this moment is not about clearing his conscience, so he does the smart thing for the first time today and leaves.

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