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An Intern's Guide To The Galaxy

And, for me, forever.

...Okay, that was deliberately melodramatic. I thought that might fit the occasional tone of the show itself. But it's not a joke: this is my final ER recap, a schedule-dictated decision that was surprisingly hard for me when you consider how this show gives me fits. After three and a quarter years, it's weird to think of not recapping it until it dies, but I just couldn't while retaining my sanity day-to-day. Thank you all so much for your support of me and my recaps; hopefully I'll live to recap another day for this site. I plan on it, anyway, as long as the lovely and talented Wing Chun will have me. ["Of course. Not even a question." -- Wing Chun] Thanks to her for trusting me with this show...and with that, I hand you off to the funny, delightful Kim. Maybe she'll win back some of the Carter lovers by finding his bloat slightly less painful to see than I do. Take care, all! And Goran V. -- now that there is no direct conflict of interest, you are free to call me at will. I can't believe this was my last episode and you were barely in it.

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