April Showers

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April Showers

Mark's on a bus, placing a call on his cell phone. The bus is crowded. He drops his cell phone. The bus isn't moving. Mark makes his way to the front. The driver tells him the engine's seized, and that there's another bus on its way. Mark asks when, and is told, "When it gets here." Mark gets off the bus. His umbrella gets stuck in the bus doors as they close on him, and the umbrella breaks. He is just a modern-day Sisyphus, eh what? Sigh.

County. Chen inspects an x-ray, and announces that the lungs are fine, the neck is clear, and that NC&A doesn't have to wear the collar any longer. NC&A says she thinks she broke something "in here" (though we can't see what body part she's indicating), since she couldn't walk at all. Chen asks whether she has a pain in her abdomen, and NC&A says she does. The guard sarcastically observes, "Yeah, she hurts everywhere." Chen examines her belly and, based on NC&A's response, orders another test. She calls NC&A "Sara" (shout-out?) and tells her they're going to get an x-ray. The guard, still not buying it, tells Chen, "She's playing you, Doc." Chen unbuttons Sara's pants and, spotting the scar, asks, "You've had a C-section?" "Yeah, so?" Sara mumbles. Chen asks whether there's any chance that Sara could be pregnant now, and she says there isn't: "I got fixed after Diana. I got pictures. These cuffs!" The guard brusquely tells her to save it. Sara mewls that she's missing her visit with Diana now, and that she doesn't know when she'll see her next. Chen's heart grows three sizes and she asks, "Why?" Sara says that her sister's moving to Los Angeles, and that there's no one else to take care of Diana, who's seven. Sara says she has "four years mandatory" before she'll see her again. The guard pipes up that Sara should have thought of that before she broke parole. Sara ignores the guard and tells Chen she just wanted to see Diana today. "She's probably better off," opines the guard. Sara screams at him to shut up, contorting her body into ever more (apparently) painful positions. Sara starts crying. Chen says she'll come back after the x-ray. The mean guard twirls his moustache and then goes off to tie another prisoner to the El tracks.

Veronica's curtain area. They've wrapped a sheet around her torso, and Carter tells Rena to "keep giving resistance to the pressure I apply." Rena nods apprehensively. Carter asks Veronica whether she's ready, and Veronica, sobbing with pain, squeaks, "Do it!" Carter pulls on Veronica's right arm, while Rena pulls the sheet, which is looped around under Veronica's arms, in the opposite direction. After a moment, Rena falters, letting go and causing Carter to lurch off-balance, yanking Veronica's arm along with him. Carter repeats, "You've got to keep pulling." Rena apologizes. They resume their positions just as Luka strolls along the hall, stopping in the doorway to watch what appears to be a torture scene -- Carter and Rena pulling as if in a tug-of-war, and Veronica in the middle, screaming. Carter encouragingly tells Rena, "That's it -- just hold it right there, Rena." Luka walks in, hands on his hips, and tells Carter that Veronica needs more sedation. Carter tersely tells Luka, "She's a former addict, doesn't want any narcotics. I gave her a local." Luka, speaking loudly so that he can be heard over Veronica's crying, says, "She needs more than that." Without changing his position, Carter tells Luka that Veronica didn't want it. Veronica cries some more. Luka commands, "Stop." "Almost got it!" Carter says, not stopping. "Stop!" Luka repeats. Carter releases Veronica's arm. Lisa walks by and Luka calls her in. Carter tells Luka, "She specifically asked me not to administer narcotics." Luka tells Lisa to give Veronica ten of morphine. Veronica begs him not to, and asks Carter to "keep going." Luka declares, "We need to relax you to pop your shoulder back into place." Carter interrupts to say, "She's my patient; I'm just trying to respect her wishes." Luka, ignoring Carter, tells Veronica, "If we don't, you could end up with permanent nerve damage." Tension crackles in the air. Veronica finally relents. Luka tells Lisa, again, to "push the morphine." Carter bitterly signs off on the chart; he beckons Rena with his head and stomps to the door, where he stops and fixes Lisa with another reproachful look. Okay, Arianna Huffington, we get it. Don't you have somewhere to go? Actually, I think that Carter was right in this case, but he undermined himself by getting into a pissing contest with Luka (again). What he should have done when Luka came in was stop, speak with Luka away from the patient to explain the situation, and then continue treating Veronica as he had been. Instead, by ignoring the instructions of his supervisor, he came off as a whiny bitch, which is why Luka finally had to override him completely; Carter didn't give a clear enough accounting of the reasons behind his medical decisions, and thus didn't really leave Luka with any other choice. Basically, it just goes to show that you can't almost spell "insubordinate" without "C-A-R-T-E-R."

In the hall, Finch treats the injured foot of an older prisoner. Injured Foot tells Finch that she had a dream last night that she'd be in a car wreck, but that she'd survive. Finch warmly says, "My grandmother was like that. She could predict when her cat would get sick." IF adds, "In the dream, I strangled a female doctor with my bare hands." Finch tries to make her face fall but some of the switches around her mouth don't respond. Benton rolls up and asks whether Dr. Dave's arrived yet. Finch tells Benton he hasn't, and tells IF that they're done. Benton steers Finch away from IF and tells her she should get dressed now, so that they can leave as soon as Dr. Dave arrives. Okay, long story short, Finch reveals that Dr. Dave only said he'd try to cover for her, not that he definitely would; Benton had RSVPed without asking Finch whether she wanted to go; Benton tells Finch to be honest about whether she wants to go at all, and she confesses that she doesn't have a burning need to attend Benton's ex-girlfriend's wedding. Which, I think, is fair enough, but she could have told him so at some time other than the day of the event; passive-aggressive, much?

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