April Showers

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April Showers

Mark bursts back in to the hospital and says he needs someone's car. Benton, all be-suited, says he's just about to leave and that he'll give Mark a ride to the church.

Church. Elizabeth waits in an incredibly posh waiting room. Seriously, it's all paneled with this lovely, plush furniture. It's like a gigantic changing room at the world's fanciest lingerie store. Papa Corday comes in. Elizabeth asks whether people are arriving, and Papa Corday replies, "A few." In this light, her dress looks more blue-grey than brown or green. She asks whether there's any sign of Mark, and Papa Corday assures her, "He'll be here." He asks after Mama Corday, and Elizabeth says "she went off looking for someone to complain to about the temperature." Because we all know how balmy the weather is in England. Particularly in April, when it surely never rains at all. Papa Corday chuckles, and then, eyeballing her belly, comments, "So. I'm going to be a grandfather. This won't affect my dating, will it?" Elizabeth guffaws, "One can only hope!" Papa Corday muses, "Maybe I'll be better at it, a generation removed. Parenting." Elizabeth, amused, asks, "Listen, I didn't turn out that badly, did I?" Papa Corday tells her that was luck. She smiles. He asks whether she's going to continue to practice medicine, after the baby's born. "Eventually," she replies. Smirking, he strolls over to where she's sitting. "What?!" she demands. "Nothing!" he claims, adding, "That's good!" He sits down next to her, and she says, "I know what you're thinking. For years, I criticized you and Mummy for all the time you spent working, and now I'm about to do the same." Petting her hand, he assures her, "I'm sure you'll strike a better balance." Suspiciously, she accuses, "You don't believe that." "Actually, I do!" he replies. Aw. What a nice dad.

Mark and Benton sit in traffic. Mark drones on about the stresses on Elizabeth: "Between the weather, and her mother, and her father, who I've yet to meet...." Benton's all cool, "He's okay." Mark squeaks, "You know him?" Benton says he met him. Mark covers, "That's right." He quickly changes the subject to the shitty traffic, and then back to Dr. Corday, père. Benton promises that Papa Corday is nice. Mark complains about Mama Corday, and Benton chuckles, agreeing. There's some brief Mars/Venus shit about "women and their mothers," and Mark and Benton both declare that they both got along famously with their own mothers. Mark surmises, "Must be a chick thing." Please, tell us all more of your insights, M. le Divorcé. No? Thought not. Benton seems to grow weary of Mark's brand of small talk (as who would not?), so Mark changes the subject to Finch's mom. That line of inquiry doesn't really go anywhere. Much like the car, which continues to sit in traffic.

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