April Showers

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April Showers

Airport bar. Weaver always wanted to move to Florida but didn't because it never worked out. Mike (formerly Red Herring) always thought he'd be married with two kids and a dog by this time. Weaver says he could always get a dog. Mike asks if she lives with fifty cats. No, just one pussy. OH! Thanks, I'll be here all week! Don't forget to tip your waitress! Plus they probably aren't even living together anymore, anyway. Or if they are, they shouldn't be. She laughs and says no, and he tells her she's too pretty to be a crazy cat lady. She doesn't respond, but smiles. Mike's flight is called over the loudspeaker, and he makes to leave; before he goes, he asks if they might have dinner when they're both back in town again, since they've already had drinks. Weaver smiles and very politely tells him she doesn't think that would work out. He looks like the wind's been knocked out of him, but he smiles, gets up, and thanks her anyway. She thanks him sincerely for the company, and he leaves her his card in case she ever changes her mind. He takes off. She studies the card for a moment, and then, when a busser comes over to clear the glasses off her table, drops the card on his tray with all the other trash. See? I told you he was just a red herring.

County. Lisa, looking ten kinds of beat, stalks up to the desk, leans on it, and tells Yosh, "My last jailbird had an ingrown hair in her groin." I don't know what it is about Maura Tierney's delivery of this line but it seriously cracks me up every time. Yosh deadpans, "How lucky is that?" Before they can discuss said hair in greater detail, Benton shows up behind them and asks whether either of them has seen Finch. Lisa directs him to the lounge.

Sure enough, she's in the lounge, all decked out in her party dress and putting on an earring. And she also looks good; she's in a black, body-skimming halter dress, and normally I'm not a fan of the halter but Michael Michelle has great shoulders and she can really pull it off. And before anyone emails me to ask why I'm lingering over the ladies instead of the guys...what's there to say about the guys? They're in suits, like always, and no one cares. She tells him she was on her way to meet him at the wedding reception. He's surprised. She asks whether he thinks it's too late, and he says he doesn't. She makes to go, and he stops her, faking that he doesn't want to go with her anymore. Flirt. Flirt. Banter. Whatever.

Desk. Chen is on the phone with Linda, the woman who adopted her baby. She shuffles through some snapshots of Linda with her husband, James, and the baby as she says she got Linda's card, and that the baby's beautiful. After a pause, she asks, "Is that him?...He's laughing already? Wow." She rubs her forehead and tears up a little.

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