April Showers

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April Showers

Mark "Doom and Groom" Greene enters at this moment, shaking his wet coat. Elizabeth, horrified, screeches, "It is not raining!" Mark, catching himself (and realizing that he's just ambled into the belly of the beast), lies that it's "a little mist," and that he's sure it'll blow over. The colour drains (some more) from Elizabeth's face. He asks her whether she's seen his wallet; she hasn't, so he surmises that he must have left it in his locker at work. Before Elizabeth can react to this news, Mama Corday walks into the kitchen with the cordless phone, assuring the caller that everything will be fine. She hands the phone to Mark, since it's Rachel calling. Elizabeth's face falls even further. As soon as Mark takes the phone, it's clear from his side of the conversation that Rachel is agitated and is talking really fast. Mark takes the phone into the next room. Elizabeth asks Mama Corday what happened; Mama Corday calmly smiles that Rachel missed her flight. Elizabeth exhales, "No." Mama Corday says she's sure Rachel can get another flight, but can't resist getting in a little dig, in the same sunny tone of voice: "But perhaps she shouldn't have left it until today!" Only mothers know how to talk like that. Elizabeth swallows hard, and explains that Rachel was starring in her school play last night. Mama Corday, even more sunnily: "Well, that's why they invented understudies!" Elizabeth closes her eyes and warningly says, "Mother." Mama Corday tries to backpedal, but Elizabeth tersely says, "Don't!" Mark comes in to defuse the situation, saying that Rachel's switching airlines and is getting on another flight that will get her to Chicago in time for the wedding; also, it will allow Mark to go to the hospital and pick up his wallet before heading to the airport to pick her up. Now, here's what I don't get -- she just booked a new ticket, on a new airline, in the space of a two-minute phone call? She has a credit card? She got from the Departures level to the ticketing counter as she was talking to Mark? I guess it's possible that Jen dropped her off and is buying the new ticket. Anyway. Elizabeth takes a deep breath and looks like she's trying not to vomit. Mark assures Elizabeth that it's no big deal. Elizabeth, starting to cry, wonders why everything always gets so complicated just at the last minute. Well, the last ten percent of any project always takes the longest; it's a fact. Mark sits down next to her and tells her everything will be fine: "In a few hours, we're going to be surrounded by friends, and people we love...and your mother." Oh, all right -- heh. Elizabeth reluctantly cracks a sickly smile. Indicating the fetus, he tells her, "The three of us are going to be married." She plants the driest, most chaste, fakest stage kiss on him and sort of drapes herself over his shoulder.

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