April Showers

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April Showers

Carter and Rena enter DS's curtain area. Carter greets DS as "Veronica," and introduces himself and Rena, adding that she's helping out in the ER today. Veronica, though she is wincing in pain, finds the strength to comment that Rena is an awfully "well-dressed candy striper." Carter examines Veronica's shoulder. She winces some more. He asks whether she's been given any pain medication yet. Veronica says that the nurse told her Carter could use a local. Carter claims that local anaesthesia is not very effective with this type of injury. Veronica explains that she's been clean for a year: "Heroin." Carter offers Valium, and Veronica declines, saying that "the taste will bring [her] back," and that she can't be using in prison. Carter knits his brow in a Dawsonian display of Hard Thinking.

Church parking lot. Mama Corday helps Elizabeth out of the car, sunnily remarking, "Well, that was almost fun!" Elizabeth grouses that she thought she was past morning sickness. Mama Corday reminds her that she offered to call a cab. Elizabeth says she's never seen it rain so hard, and Mama Corday gets in another dig: "Why brides get married in June." Elizabeth snaps that she'll be breastfeeding a four-week-old in June. They climb the church steps and are unable to open the door. Elizabeth starts freaking out. Mama Corday wonders whether they should have called ahead. Elizabeth snits that it's "not a restaurant." After a moment, the door opens, and Elizabeth's father, Dr. Charles Corday (hereafter Papa Corday) opens the door, cracking, "I'd recognize that bickering anywhere!" "Daddy!" Elizabeth squeals, barreling inside. Once they're safely inside, Elizabeth and Papa Corday embrace. She says she didn't think he'd be there, and he tells her he wouldn't miss it for anything, adding that she looks radiant. Elizabeth laps it up. Papa Corday glances at Mama Corday and curtly greets her, "Belle. It's been a while." She nods coldly and replies, "Yes. Ten years, I believe. You popped by for Elizabeth's med-school graduation." Before the snappishness escalates, Elizabeth tells them she's happy they're both there, and that she'd prefer it if she didn't have to separate them, so they should attempt to be civil until the reception. "Hopefully I'll be drunk by then," Mama Corday replies tartly. "No doubt," mutters Papa Corday. Mama Corday barks, "Look, sweetheart, I can drink you under any goddamn table you want, so don't worry about me." Papa snaps, "In my mind you're buried in cement right up to the neck. No, up to the nose, it's much quieter." Elizabeth tells them both, again, to be on their best behaviour. They snap out of it and Papa asks whether he'll be able to meet the groom before he hands Elizabeth over. Elizabeth squeaks, "Mark's not here?"

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