Back In The World

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Back In The World

Downstairs, Back Pain Guy is crashing. Pratt reports that he had a ruptured abdominal aneurysm (I think). Neela protests that his pain was "musculoskeletal." Carter, Pratt, Abby, and Chuny work to save the guy. Carter assures Neela that she didn't screw up, and Abby agrees. Neela has sex guilt, and keeps harping on it.

Alex works on some homework. Sam knocks and enters his room, but he won't talk to her. She says that she knows he's mad, and that Steve is his father, and that this won't change anything. Alex starts throwing his books into his backpack. Sam says that she and Alex and Luka are a team now, that Luka had to make a decision about what was best, and that Sam thinks it was the right thing. Alex tries to walk out of the room. Sam grabs him and begs him to talk to her. Sam says that it's okay for him to be sad, and Alex starts sobbing and hugs her.

The doctors are still trying to save Back Pain Guy. Neela has scrubbed in and asks Chuny to call the Burn Unit for her. She doesn't says that she needs to tell Gallant what's holding her up. Pratt makes Neela hold the aorta. Abby offers to take over, since she's the only one in the room who knows why Neela needs to go. Gallant walks up outside the doors and watches. Neela sees him. So does Pratt, who runs outside to make some calls and greets Gallant, who says he can't stay. Pratt wants to buy Gallant a beer, but Gallant asks Pratt to give a letter to Neela. Pratt is still busy on the phone, but he takes the letter. Gallant doesn't want Neela to open it unless something happens to him. Pratt says that nothing will happen to him. Gallant still wants Neela to have it. Pratt asks if everything is okay, and Gallant doesn't answer. Carter and the team rush out of the room and wheel Back Pain Guy into the elevator. Neela is still holding the aorta, so she's kind of stuck. Carter greets Gallant and tells him to take care of himself. Neela and Gallant make eyes at each other, sad that they can't properly say goodbye. The elevator doors close, and Gallant turns and walks out of the ER.

Luka gives Alex a ride to school. Alex is clearly not speaking to Luka, and Luka is sad.

Neela lies in bed and gazes at the letter Gallant wrote to her. She puts it in a box on her bedside table and turns out the light. Man, she has a lot of willpower. I would totally read it.

Gallant returns to Iraq. He finds an envelope in his bag that says, "For You." Inside, he finds Neela's ankle bracelet.

Neela stands on the heliport and watches a helicopter fly away. Gallant stands in the desert and fondles Neela's bracelet as he waits for an approaching helicopter. What is it with this show and helicopters?

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