Back In The World

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Back In The World

Steve is still looking for Sam. Luka tells him to wait in the lounge. Steve is all snippy and disrespectful. Luka promises that Sam will be out to see him as soon as she's free. He starts to escort Steve down the hall, but Steve shoves Luka's hand off, like, what is he, sixteen? And does that make Luka the principal? Imagine if Luka was your principal. Everyone would be bad just to get sent to his office. Wow, I just launched a fanfic in my own mind.

Sam examines Victor and discovers that he doesn't have much feeling in his lower leg. Shane arrives to take Victor up to surgery. Sam checks the X-ray and calls Shane over to point out that there's a chip missing in the bullet embedded in Victor's thigh. Shane doesn't think it's a big deal, but Sam thinks the bullet fragment is a problem, because the surgeons might be operating in the wrong spot. Sam calls for an x-ray. Shane protests, and Sam orders him to show Carter the films and postpone the surgery.

Sam walks out into the hall and sees Luka talking to Steve. Her first instinct is to run away, but she stops herself, turns, and walks back. She tells Luka that she's got it, and she and Steve walk down the hall. Luka keeps an eye on them from afar.

Sam and Steve walk back from getting coffee, and Sam has her stupid hood up again. It can't be that cold out. Steve doesn't even have his jacket zipped up. Steve asks if things are serious with Luka, and Sam says that they are. Steve pretends he's happy for her. Sam asks what he really wants to discuss, and Steve gets all shady and asks if anyone has been looking for him, because he owes a guy some money. Then he asks Sam to borrow some cash. Sam acts like she can't believe he'd even ask. Steve says that he's going to take Alex on a little trip, because he might not see Alex for a while. Sam says that Alex is in school, instead of stating the obvious -- that she would never let Alex go "on a little trip" with Skeevy Steve. Steve thinks Alex is in third grade, and won't miss much. Sam explains that their son is actually in fifth grade. Steve thinks that Alex is still his kid, and Sam says that Steve knows this is a bad idea. Steve reluctantly agrees. Sam puts out an olive branch and says that the three of them could get some dessert together, and Steve and Alex could catch up. Well, maybe not an olive branch so much as she knows how much Alex is counting on seeing his dad. Steve says that he has to hit the road, and promises to call. Sam looks incredibly sad as she nods. Steve manages to ask again if he can borrow some money. Sam doesn't look surprised, and they head off to an ATM so Steve can "borrow" a few hundred dollars.

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