Back In The World

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Back In The World

Neela fills Gallant in on her identity crisis. Gallant asks if she doesn't like who she is. Neela says she doesn't like how people see her. Gallant advises her to be someone different tomorrow. Neela smiles and tells Gallant that they're going to Millennium Park, and then dinner.

Frank tells Luka that he doesn't mean to butt in (which he does), but that he checked Steve out and discovered that Steve is wanted in Colorado. I was going to get all het up about Frank's invasion of Sam's privacy, but this subplot had to be advanced somehow, and it is in Frank's characterization to do this, so whatever. Sam walks in and asks for the films on Victor, which Frank heads off to retrieve, leaving Luka holding Steve's rap sheet or whatever. Luka asks Sam how it went with Steve, and Sam says that he just wanted money and now he's gone. Luka says he has more to discuss, but Sam is distracted by Victor's being wheeled up to surgery, and she runs off. Shane tells Sam that she was totally right about the x-ray. Sam is psyched to learn that she's good at her job. Victor's mom and Shane both thank Sam, and she grins.

Luka catches up with Sam and first checks on Alex's whereabouts. He's with his after-school tutor. Luka reveals Frank's find. Sam must have never learned to read, because after handing her the paper with the information, Luka just tells her that Steve robbed a convenience store and hurt the cashier. Sam is shocked, since Steve has been in trouble before, but nothing this serious. Luka thinks they should call the police. Sam says that she can't be responsible for getting Alex's dad locked up. Bad Timing Susan picks that moment to stomp over and ask Sam to work overtime. Sam says that she can't. Susan won't take no for an answer. Carter interrupts and Susan pretends like Sam said yes and runs off. Luka says that he'll go home and handle the situation, and Sam asks him to call as soon as he gets there.

Susan tells Carter that she and Chuck are ready to be social, so she invites Carter and Wendall over for dinner. Dude, hire a sitter! Get out of the house. Because otherwise the whole night is going to become all about Cosmo, and isn't he cute, and look at his tiny fingers, and watch what he does when I make this face, and his poops are really regular. Forget it. The night will be like that anyway, except they'll just show photos instead of Cosmo's being there in person. Anyway, Carter says it's a nice offer, and then drops the bomb that he and Wendall are through, like that wouldn't have hit the hospital grapevine ten seconds after they broke up. Haleh would have been all over that shit. Carter admits that Wendall isn't speaking to him. Susan laughs (!) and asks if he's all right. Carter says that lately, he feels like he's "fallen off the tracks." And how do you react to someone saying that? Susan decides to pull a face, like, "Bummer. Hope you don't start abusing drugs again."

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