Back In The World

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Back In The World

Olivia asks Pratt to call and tell her how Victor made out. They can also set up a schedule for Pratt to walk Victor to school. Pratt chases after Olivia, because he can't believe she was serious about that. She was. Olivia draws an analogy between violence and any other epidemic. Have I mentioned that Olivia has an awesome afro? She explains how the program works, and invites Pratt to come by and see for himself how well it's working.

Neela brings Gallant back to her place and apologizes for the mess. She asks where he's staying tonight, which is totally not subtle. He's staying with a friend. Neela says she's hungry, and he takes a minute to figure out what she means, then agrees that they should both change into other clothes. Neela heads into her room to change and yells out, "What are you craving?" Also not subtle. Gallant can't hear her, so he heads over to the stereo to play some music, the better to not hear her by. And also have sex to. They agree on pizza, and Gallant has moved closer to Neela's doorway so that they can hear each other, and he totally spies her in her bra and gets all embarrassed. Neela finally remembers to shut her bedroom door, which was also not subtle.

Luka finds Steve outside their apartment with an El Camino full of stuff. Steve claims he's just been picking up his stuff, and Luka asks if Steve broke into their apartment. Steve says that Alex let him in, and that he sent the babysitter home. Luka orders Steve to put everything back, because it's not Steve's stuff. Steve pulls out a jacket and says that he gave it to Sam. Luka asks about the TV and the stereo. Steve tells Luka to keep whatever he wants, and they stare at each other for a minute. Luka breaks the stare, and says he's going to check on Alex. Steve tries to stop him with a hand to the chest. Luka quietly says, "You don't want to do that," which was super-hot. Steve throws a punch, which Luka blocks, and then Luka slams Steve on the car's hood. Alex comes out and yells at Luka. Steve says it's no big deal. Another annoying thing about the new Steve? He talks like he's wearing dentures. Luka asks why Alex has a backpack. Alex says they're going to Florida, and that his mom said it was okay. Luka orders Alex back upstairs, and Alex refuses. Steve reminds Luka that Alex isn't Luka's kid. Luka turns and, quietly enough that Alex can't hear, says that Steve can take whatever he wants, but that he can't take Alex. Steve is silent. Luka asks, "Think about it. You really want to get him into all that?" Steve rolls his eyes and tells Alex that he can't go. Alex protests, and Steve pretends as if it's because Alex would miss too much school. Alex is crushed. Steve asks him not to make this any harder than it already is. They hug, and Alex heads back inside. Steve gets into his El Camino (which is totally the perfect vehicle for Steve to drive) as Luka watches.

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