Be Patient

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Be Patient

Corday looks at the board and says something about rescheduling a bowel resection. Holling comes up beside her, and they have a chat about what happened that morning, and Holling apologizes if he made her uncomfortable or made things awkward between her and her mother; Elizabeth says he didn't cause any trouble "that wasn't there already," and Holling asks why they don't get along, and Elizabeth shrugs, "Mothers and daughters, I suppose." Holling tells her she doesn't "get to own the whole ranch on that one; let's save a little corner for fathers and sons," and Elizabeth chuckles. They have more cutesy chit-chat about children growing up to become adults, having opinions of their own, blah blah blah fishcakes, and then Holling suggests that the four of them go out that night and "sort of bury the hatchet."

Downstairs, Kerry asks Lily, "Abby didn't discharge him?" and Lily says that she did, but he "bounced back." Apparently, Ron 2: Electric Bugaloo has arrived back in the ER, and Kerry comes in to find Chen ordering blood on the rapid infuser. Lily tells Kerry that Ron complained of fever and abdominal pain, and Chen adds that he has a GI bleed, and when she did a rectal, "he started gushing." Okay, ew. The camera pans around to show the area around poor Ron's tuchis drenched with red food coloring. Okay, ew, again. "Probably a bleeding tic," Kerry murmurs. "Type and cross four units and call the OR." "Yep, already did," Chen says. "Thank god he came back in." Kerry looks suspiciously at Ron's unconscious form.

Upstairs, Barbara Knight unloads on Carter, telling him that "Chicago wasn't even [Lucy's] first choice, she was hoping for San Francisco," and she babbles on for a bit about how Lucy fell in love with San Fran after one ride on a cable car, but she grew to love Chicago, blah dee blah, as Carter shifts uncomfortably in his seat and winces. "You don't need to hear all this," Barbara says apologetically. "No, it's fine," Carter says, and he sounds sincere. Barbara says she just wanted to stop by and thank Carter; Lucy used to talk about Carter all the time, and "she had a lot of respect for" Carter, and Barbara knows Carter must have taught Lucy a lot. Carter, unable to speak for a moment due to the fact that an anvil has landed on his chest, tells Barbara that Lucy "worked with all the residents, not just me." "I know," Barbara says, "But you're the one she used to mention." Carter looks down, his face working, and it seems like he might say something, but he doesn't. Barbara says that Lucy loved her work, and Carter finally comes up with, "She -- she was better than I ever gave her credit for." Barbara looks away from his gaze and starts to cry; Carter continues to look at Barbara with a strange expression on his face. Barbara sniffles, "Can I ask you something?" Carter nods slowly and says yes, and Barbara asks, "When you were -- well, when that man stabbed you, what did you think?" Carter flinches as Barbara corrects herself, "No, I mean -- what did it feel like?" Carter stares at her and nods again, and says, "Well, um --" and pauses for a long time to consider, and then he tells her gently, "It happened really fast, and I didn't really know what was going on . . . but I didn't feel a thing." "No pain?" Barbara asks, and Carter shakes his head and says no, "no pain." Barbara nods, seeming to accept this lie, and looks away; Carter watches her, as if checking to make sure she bought it.

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