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Be Patient

Elsewhere, Mark comes up and gives a radiologist crap for not getting some test results back to him. After a bit of good-natured banter, Mark asks if the radiologist read a chest film for David Greene that day. The radiologist says he doesn't know and tells Mark to "check the pile." Mark finds the films and throws them up on a light board while the radiologist continues to bitch about people wanting "wet reads yesterday" and over-ordering CT scans, and as he drones on in the background, Mark stares numbly at the cloudy mass of cancer on his father's x-ray. When Mark doesn't say anything for a minute, the radiologist says, "Hey Mark, you okay?" He gets up and joins Mark in looking at the film, then asks Mark quietly, "That's your dad?" "Yeah," Mark says grimly. "Whoa, I -- I'm sorry," the radiologist tells him.

You want fun? Leave your captioning on during a Nissan Maxima commercial. I love the little comments like "[rock guitar blast]" and "[drum solo]" during the Who song. Then Roger Daltrey goes, "YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAH," but the captions just say, "Yeah," with a couple of little notes on either side. Okay, so I need to get out more.

Corday pesters Mark about the mysterious plans Holling made for the four of them, and Mark obviously isn't listening as she rambles on about the "wear jeans" element scaring her, and her mother doesn't even own a pair of jeans, and she wishes Mark could get off so they could face their parents "together," and finally she gets the hint and asks Mark if he's all right because he's monosyllabic, and he says he's fine, he just has to finish some cases and he'll have to meet them there. Elizabeth says okay and kisses him goodbye.

Kerry and Carol walk past, and Kerry asks what happened at the school, and Carol grouses that the school said they'd follow through, "but the girls saw me there." "I suppose they didn't listen to you this time either," Kerry says mildly, and Carol says no, they ran away. Kerry assures her that she did the right thing; Carol studies her messages and says she's still going to call Andrea later. Yeah, good luck with that.

Kerry crutches over to Abby, who's tending to a patient, and tells her that Ron has gone up to the OR for a laparotomy; Abby says she'd heard that: "Is he gonna be okay?" Kerry says probably, and that he has a bleeding diverticulum, and I would give you the definition of "diverticulum," but when I got to the words "stagnant fecal matter," I had to go and lie down for about a year and a half, but long story short, it isn't related to the hemorrhoids, so Abby called it correctly. Kerry then says oh-so-casually, "You know, it's pretty lucky that he checked himself back in." Abby says, "Yeah. I'm gonna go check on him later." Kerry tells Abby, "You were right. There was something else wrong with him." "Just a gut feeling," Abby says modestly, and Kerry says pointedly that Ron could have bled to death if he hadn't come back, and Abby remarks that "it's a good thing he felt flu-ish," and Kerry smiles, "That's exactly what he said -- 'flu-ish.'" Busted! But she doesn't seem angry, and as she heads off, Abby looks embarrassed and pleased with herself at the same time.

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