Be Patient

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Be Patient

Elizabeth lets herself into her apartment; Isabel "Mama" Corday greets her with a tone of surprise. Elizabeth begins to explain why she's come back, but in the middle of her observation that Mama Corday looks tired and must have stayed up to watch Charlie Rose, who should wander into the breakfast nook in his underwear but Holling. On the one hand, har dee predictable har. On the other hand -- heh. Go, Holling and Mama Corday. Holling greets Elizabeth awkwardly. MC says brightly that Holling "came over for breakfast." "In boxers and slippers? My slippers?" an aghast Elizabeth wants to know. "Hope you don't mind," Holling mutters. Elizabeth asks what happened to ice-fishing. "Uhhhh -- didn't make it," Holling says. "I can see that," Elizabeth says, not even trying to lift her jaw from the floor, and as the Electra Complex Skillet clocks me from behind, we go to credits. Well, at least we can blame Elizabeth's inexplicable attraction to Mark on genetics.

Fade back up on Chez Corday, with Elizabeth tensely enduring the giggling goodbyes between MC and Holling. Holling takes his leave, and MC comes over and offers Elizabeth more coffee, and Elizabeth gripes that she drank nearly the whole pot while waiting for the two of them to say goodbye. Why hasn't Elizabeth gone back to the hospital -- doesn't she have a meeting in the first place? Anyway, MC snickers at Elizabeth's obvious discomfiture; Elizabeth joins the entire viewing audience in failing to see any humor in the situation. MC begins to chastise Elizabeth for her ageist views on sex; Elizabeth wants to know if MC thinks it's "such a good idea" to carry on with Holling. MC tries again to point out that she's "a little older," but she's not dead; Elizabeth reminds MC that Holling's wife is in fact dead, "recently." MC says, "Well, bloody well good for him" for getting on with things; Elizabeth makes shocked sounds. Need I go on? The conversation wanders on in this vein for a bit, Elizabeth asking whether they used protection and pointing out rather accusingly that Holling is "my boyfriend's father," and just as I think to myself that I'd rather watch the episode of 90210 from which the writers obviously lifted this, MC tells Elizabeth that she's always cared too much what other people think, "even as a little girl." Elizabeth denies this, and when MC presses the point, we get to the heart of the matter when Elizabeth sneers, "Well, how would you know -- did the nanny tell you?" "Oh yes, Elizabeth, you were so neglected," MC says with weary sarcasm. "Don't pretend to know me when you don't," Elizabeth snips. MC says she knows Elizabeth better than Elizabeth thinks she does. Elizabeth says in response that "this" could get very complicated, and MC asks why Elizabeth always fears that relationships will go wrong. "Well, perhaps because ours hasn't exactly gone right," Elizabeth quavers. "I have to get to work." She bustles out in a huff.

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