Be Patient

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Be Patient

Back from commercial, we fade in on the back of the van. Luka gives Chuny, Peter Benton "Kenobi," and Cleo "Alt-Control-Delete" Finch the bullet as they hoist Laura out: "Automobile versus ten-year-old girl, blunt trauma to the right lower chest, and fractured left femur." Laura's Mom clambers down from the van, followed by Luka, as the driver looks on, concerned. As they head inside, Luka says they'll need to set up for a chest tube, and the driver calls after them, "You need any more help?" Poor guy. Luka yells, "No, got it, thank you!" Through the doors they go; Luka relays the fact that he had Laura stable but then lost her pulse with decreased breath sounds on the right, and that a needle thoracostomy helped somewhat, but he "may have nicked her intercostal" (if anyone cares, "intercostal" means "located between the ribs"). Mark appears and asks, in his patented Tone Of Passive-Aggressively Veiled Accusation, "What happened?" Luka tells him the van hit a bump while he had the needle inside. Peter wants to know why Luka didn't wait for the paramedics, and as the team wheels Laura into a trauma room, Luka explains that he waited seven minutes, but he thought he might lose her if he didn't get there "right away." Mark tells him loftily that the paramedics called in, having arrived on the scene two minutes after Luka left. Lydia tells Laura's Mom to wait outside as the team calls off Laura's stats. Luka stations himself by Laura's head. Peter gets ready to insert a chest tube as Laura yelps that she wants her mom, and Luka tells her that her mom is just outside. Peter says "let's move" a few times, and I make a mental note to design a drinking game around that verbal tic; Mark tells Luka, "You've been off for an hour, we got it from here." Not surprisingly, Luka says he'll stay, because He Cares. In case you didn't get that. Because you live under an extremely heavy boulder of the type usually found in Wile E. Coyote cartoons. Anyhow. Someone calls out that Laura has a pulse ox of 92, which prompts Luka to say that they'll have to intubate, and just then the chest tube is inserted and Cleo drones, "Whoa," and Peter snaps, "Chest full of blood," and Cleo observes that it looks Luka did hit the artery. Luka looks ill and glances out at Laura's Mom, who is shifting nervously from foot to foot in the hallway, and Mark tells someone to call the OR and reserve a room. Then he looks down and says snidely in Luka's general direction, "It looks like it was more than a nick." Yeah, fine, Mark. Luka messed up. That makes you a better doctor than he, and a better-looking one to boot. Oh, wait. It makes you neither of those things, so either get a sack and talk your self-righteous priggish trash to Luka's face, or shut up. In fact, forget that first part and just shut up. Chuny shouts that Laura's pressure has dropped to fifty; Luka holds Laura's face and tries to get her attention, and Mark says that she's "unresponsive" as Peter reports that they've already taken more than a liter of blood out of the chest. Luka grimly prepares to intubate; Peter gets ready to perform a right-side thoracotomy.

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