Benton Backwards

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Benton Backwards

Let me take this commercial break to call Sars. Hey, dude. Where are you now? Well, turn around. Trust me, Lisa's not getting any tonight.

Dr. Dave and Mark play hockey. Is this juxtaposed with Luka's vigilantism as a comment on violence in the sport? Oh, who cares. Mark gets slammed up against the boards (heh) and falls into a crumpled ball on the ice. Dr. Dave helps him up. Mark thought this was a no-check league. There's no such thing as a no-check league, says Dr. Dave. "Good to know," says Mark, skating off. Ha. Ha. [filing nails]

In the locker room, Weaver gravely applies lipstick. Hm. Carter trudges in and Weaver expresses surprise to see him back. He bitterly says he still has a couple of hours left on his shift, and she tells him that he'd be better served by taking it easy. He replies by saying that he'll go to a meeting after his shift, if that's okay with her. An ambulance pulls up outside. He adds, "I need to finish." Weaver acquiesces (well, she's leaving, and he's already in his lab coat, so what choice does she have, really?), but tells him to keep it to minor medical. He thanks her, which is not the same as agreeing.

Luka and Lisa accompany CST. He's suffered blunt head trauma (well. As we saw), and had two seizures en route to the hospital. Luka is also bleeding where CST struck him with the pipe. Elizabeth tells him to go have his head seen to, and not to work on CST; she calls for Carter, who briefly tries to demur, but she overrules him. Lisa and Luka stand aside, watching anxiously. Carter trots in, sees Lisa standing in the corner with Luka; both actors speak volumes with their expressions: Lisa looks caught out and actually recoils a little at the site of Carter, while he shoots her a witheringly reproachful look in return. CST seizes again. A random nurse closes the side door; from the adjacent trauma room, Luka and Lisa watch nervously.

Benton shows up at a restaurant kitchen. He calls Carla's name. She's chatting with a chef (at first I typed "priest" instead of "chef." Why? Perhaps because it's 6:31 AM and I haven't been to sleep yet) with her back to the camera, and at the sound of her name she turns and...whoa. For a rather small woman, those are two huge breasts she has. I'm not exactly what you'd call a member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee myself, but Lisa Nicole Carson looks like she has a conjoined twin attached at her chest. I have to assume Benton's stopped by to perform emergency surgery on Carla II: Electric Boobaloo. Anyway, Carla's face falls when she sees it's Benton. He asks to talk, and she warningly tells him that it's really busy. He assures her it'll only take a second and joins her in the kitchen. She tells him that the hospital called and told her Reese could stay until the end of the month; for those of us who are like, "huh?" Carla further exposits that it'll be hard to find a daycare Reese likes as much. Oh, right.

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