Benton Backwards

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Benton Backwards

Anyway, this means that even though Benton hasn't (as far as we know) told Jackie that he lost his job, he has told Carla. I guess their relationship has improved a little if he could trust her not to tell Jackie his secret. Benton tells Carla that he just got a job in Philadelphia, and she says, "Really? Good for you!" with what seems like genuine congratulation. He tells her that all that's left is to work out Reese's visitation schedule: "Maybe he could fly down every other weekend, or something." Um, yeah. Hey, maybe you could just get him one of those flying pigs and then Reese could ride on its back. How would that be? Because after the custody fight y'all went through last year, I don't think Carla's going to be all that willing to do you a solid on this one. And I'm right. Carla's face falls again, and she coolly replies, "I'm sorry. You're not really suggesting that I put my son on a plane by himself, are you?" Benton reminds her that they have joint custody, and she reminds him, "In. Chicago." Benton tells her that he already took the job, and Carla sniffs, "Mm. Wish that had worked for me when I wanted to move." Benton tells her that was Germany: "That was nine hours away. That was completely different." Carla retorts, "No. It is completely the same." He asks her if this is about payback, and she tells him that it's about their agreement: "Now, either you stay local, or you give up custody." Benton sputters, "I can't find a decent position here!" Carla sarcastically replies, "Oh, that's right. You have your career to think of. The rest of us just have jobs." Struggling to maintain his composure, Benton tells Carla, "This is the only way for me to keep the momentum going." "Yes. And Germany was Roger's," Carla chirps. Benton, desperate: "Look, Carla, I'm asking you not to do this." Ingenuously, Carla coos, "I'm not doing anything. I'm just playing by your rules." Benton stares at her a moment, then picks up a plate of food and hurls it against her refrigerator door before storming out. I hate to disagree with Benton, but Carla's right. It is the same thing, and he did sign their custodial agreement. It sucks, but the law is often like that.

Luka stares at CST's trauma room. Lisa steals up behind him and looks at the back of his head (as best she can, from her diminutive height; really, she just feels the cut enough to make Luka gasp in surprise and pain). She tells him the gash is pretty deep, and that he should get sutures; he curtly replies, "Okay." "Someone should sew it up, Luka," and he's like, "Oh! Is that what 'suturing' means? You know me and my language barrier. And anyway, right now I'm a little occupied waiting to see whether I've just committed manslaughter, so you know what, Lisa? My own suturing is going to have to wait." Only he says it in a lot fewer words. And those words are, "I'm okay." A detective comes in and asks to speak with Luka. Luka walks away from the window and Lisa takes up his vigil, eavesdropping as Luka tells the detective what happened.

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