Benton Backwards

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Benton Backwards

CST continues to die. Lisa and Luka continue to watch. CST's been down for forty-five minutes. Elizabeth holds Luka's gaze, and removes her yellow gown, saying nothing to him. Carter stares even more reproachfully at Lisa. Lisa and Luka remain on the wrong side of the trauma-room doors. Lisa reaches out a hand and rests it lightly on Luka's back; he sidles away and leaves the room. She follows him, calling his name and asking him to wait; he hurries out to the ambulance bay (to vomit, I would imagine), and the automatic doors glide closed on Lisa's mournful face.

Is this storyline going to drag on? Because I really don't need to see Carter and Luka in a damn race to see who can be more traumatized. What I want to see is [Sars, look away] Luka gettin' some. ["Hey, for the record, I don't mind if Luka's getting some. I just don't want him to get it off of Whine Daly, that's all." -- Sars]

Next week: Benton's back in the ER doing regular ER work. Um. Luka? Carter? Not mentioned at all. I hate CTV.

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