Benton Backwards

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Benton Backwards

Luka "If Looks Could Kill" Kovac messes about in the supply closet. Lisa walks in, pauses at the luscious sight of him, then awkwardly says, "Hi." She needs to squeeze past him; he flattens himself against a shelf and she tries to "accidentally" brush her genitals against his. She crosses to the far side of the closet to look for...whatever she came in there to get, and he (being much taller than she) sees a feather and plucks it from the top of her head. How'd you get that. Oh, you know. Awkward. Heh. The Look. Is it raining? I hadn't noticed. More of The Look. Lisa hurries over to the door with her head down, then stops and haltingly asks Luka out. He makes it hard for her, either pretending not to know what she's asking, or actually not knowing what she's asking. She confirms when he asks that she meant they should go out on a date, and he suggests that they go out that night. "Yeah, tonight? That works," says Lisa, aiming for "casual," but ending up somewhere more like "puppy dog,"'s Luka. She leans in the doorway all happy and excited, and he brushes past her all smirky, and as soon as he's gone she looks up at the ceiling and rolls her eyes at herself. Heh.

Benton walks through the ER and spots Robert "Rocket" Romano inspecting a vending machine. Benton storms over and Romano expresses relief at seeing him, asking Benton to identify which products are lined up on the top rack. Not. Benton angrily addresses him as "Romano," and Romano's all jovial-bluster-while-needling-that-they're-no-longer-colleagues, "Peter! Back for a visit! How are you?" Benton asks Romano how the hell Romano thinks he is, and accuses Romano of "trashing [him] all over town." Romano counters by saying that Benton has "made enemies on every floor" of the hospital: "Why assume that I'm the only person with something negative to say?" Benton says that Romano is preventing him from earning a living, and Romano replies that he's willing to help. He says that Benton's personality sucks, but that he's still a great surgeon: "I am willing to offer you a per-diem position...It has no benefits and even less stature, but it's yours for the asking." Romano smirks expectantly, and Benton replies, "You can kiss my ass." Romano smarms, "I take it that's a 'no'?" But there's more: "You couldn't pay me enough to work for you again, you arrogant little prick," Benton adds, stomping away. Romano calls after him, "Just keep working on those people skills, Peter." Which was kind of funny. Romano never learns. He never evolves. There will never be a day when his heart grows ten sizes and breaks out of the little measuring square. Part of me loves that about him.

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