Blood Relations

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Blood Relations

Carter carries the Kem Love Box outside -- not to be confused with Kem The Love Box, which is his private nickname for her. He bumps into another rig, this one with a man suffering from shortness of breath and a bunch of other stuff that goes over my head. Carter blows it off until Jing-Mei "Deb" Chen hops out of the ambulance with the man. Carter's stunned and happy, and backtracks to be with her. It occurs to me that all of this happened while Carter was in Congo, so she doesn't know about Kem, he didn't know about the accident (presumably someone told him), and more importantly, Romano died after Chen had already left. I doubt anyone bothered to tell her, so I wonder if she'll see the memorial plaque and drop her jaw to the floor. "Deb," Carter calls out. She smiles sadly at him; she's with her father, who's got pneumonia. She tells him about her mother's death in China of a pulmonary embolism, and says she only got back a week ago because her father couldn't be transported any sooner. She's been taking care of him herself because he refuses to have a nurse around. When Chen gets inside, Jerry gives her a bear hug and calls her "Deb," and Malik welcomes her back. "Yeah," she says, a grateful twitch to her frown. Okay, so far, I don't immediately hate her again. That's a positive sign.

A woman with an infant pesters Sam to bring her to Dr. Weaver. Sam doesn't realize that this is Sandy's mother, and so tries to send her back to the waiting room. But nepotism waits for no one. "Look. Sandy and Dr. Weaver, together," says Mrs. Lopez, with a knowing twiddle of the eyebrows. Realization dawns on Sam, and she lets them through. Guess it's good to know the office gossip grapevine has graduated beyond Weaver's sexuality.

Abby and Susan's trauma patient is clutching a crystal meth pipe. They still can't find the source of the blood -- he seems to have not a scratch. "DEMONS! All around!" screams Meth Man. Oh dear, did they let the writers on set today? Abby surveys the blood and says, "Let's hope he works in a meatpacking plant." Susan tells her to call the cops, just in case.

Gallant calls Susan to a woman who's vomiting and queasy. Her name's Nancy, she's forty-two, and she's got babies at home or somesuch. It seems her three kids have reproduced, and she's a super-young grandmother. She also wonders if her St. John's Wort is making her ill. Susan asks if she's taking it because she's depressed. "I thought I'd be done raising kids by now," Nancy admits.

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