Blood Relations

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Blood Relations

Chen fills in Pratt on her father's condition. "When did you get back?" he asks. "Um," she says. "Last Monday." Pratt looks upset that the power of the penis didn't lure her to a telephone. I do think that, as much as I generally dislike Pratt and Chen -- when she's in her Everyday Chen mode -- it endears me to both of them to see Pratt's demeanor change with her, because clearly, he has a soft spot for her. "How are you, Mr. Chen?" he says genially. Chen's dad looks confused, and then says something in muffled Chinese. Chen looks adoringly at her father, eyes welling, and beams at him as she answers him. She pats him, and does a nice job of looking both loving and utterly gutted at once.

Neela and Weenie frantically work to reinflate Samuel's lung, the former because she wants to get out of there and the latter because Lachlan's evil brother Dougall was about to attack the servant wench in the barn, but lo! He doesn't know of her strength with a dagger. Dr. Olivera's face shows up in the window, and he hangs out there yelling instructions at them while he waits to descend to the correct pressure. There's a prolonged shot with the heart monitor in the right foreground and Neela's hands working on the left. It's a very long shot, and kind of boring. "He needs a chest tube," shouts Neela. Olivera promises to get in there as soon as he can. He got there pretty quickly; I wonder why they couldn't have called him before this whole mess started. Oh, that's right -- Contrivance was giving him a foot rub.

Meth Man is conked out. Abby examines his eyes -- easy does it, or face my wrath -- and concludes that he has pretty irises. Abby wonders if he'll tell them what happened. "I doubt he'll remember," says Susan. "Sad," Abby sighs. Susan wonders what she means. "He's somebody's kid," says Abby plainly. Okay, no. There's nothing about that remark that seems natural. It's very, very clumsy foreshadowing, and it's not the type of thing Abby would have said. I might have bought it had it come from the mouth of Susan, who could be excused from the randomness by the fact that she's pregnant and contemplating what it means to be a parent. But from Abby, it was just jarring and weird and totally out of place, unless she's been spit-shining her crystal ball again.

Weaver asks Malarkey where her son is. "Curtain one," Malarkey says. "He's really cute." The latter is delivered with such wholehearted sincerity that it did actually elicit a chuckle from me, especially because Weaver's expression is like, "Oh great, with your judgment, that probably means my kid's a troll." Luka's talking to Mrs. Lopez when Weaver finds them. "Handsome boy, Kerry," he smiles. Weaver takes him as Luka explains that everything seems totally fine. "Just a cold," Weaver nods. She thanks Luka, who takes his cue and goes off to light the set on fire elsewhere. Weaver gives Mrs. Lopez some advice and cuddles her baby. "Will you be home late again, tonight?" Mrs. Lopez asks, putting a very gentle but unmistakable emphasis on "again." Weaver says she won't.

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