Blood Relations

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Blood Relations

Susan wheels Vicky up to the chamber and reassures her that the treatment went really well. Weenie is just bringing Samuel out of the chamber, and Vicky nuzzles him adoringly. "He opened his eyes a few minutes ago," Weenie smiles. That would explain why His Fetish Was Love is lying on the gurney with his wee little hand marking page forty-seven. Weenie snatches his book away with a triumphant smile, and tells Vicky that her son's moving on his own and looking good. Susan says he'll need another round tomorrow, and should be fine to go home in three days. "We didn't plan on a third," weeps Vicky. "Thank God he came along." The music swells as Susan and Weenie swap satisfied That Baby Saved Lives smiles.

Susan turns her head to the right and sees Neela on the monitor, apparently still inside the chamber and looking utterly miserable. Susan asks her what's going on, and Neela rattles off her possible lung problem. "You should've had someone replace you," Susan oversimplifies, crankily, and Neela just gapes at her, as deflated as her lung might soon be.

Alex gets dropped off, and Sam greets him in front of County. She gingerly asks if he'd like to hang out with her that night and talk. "About what? You and Luka having sex?" he asks. Sam gulps. "That's not how I was going to put it, but yeah," she nods. Alex doesn't want to talk, preferring to pretend he's fine and doesn't have anything to say, so he flounces off ahead of her. Sam is visibly concerned.

Susan lovingly pats her tummy, having eaten her vitamin-infused helping of the moral, "Babies Can Be Blessings." She gets off the elevator in time to see Jerry bring Carter over to his computer. Kem is on the screen. It seems Jerry found out that the consulate has a web cam, and somehow, in the span of an hour, got Kem in front of it and hooked up his own. Misty, Carter watches as Kem gleefully stands up and shows off her belly -- which, for one, still looks flat from the front, and for another, is clearly not part of Thandie Newton's body. Susan makes some comment about how some women have little volleyball stomachs and some don't, and she's wistful, clearly implying Kem has a wee little volleyball stomach and looks pregnant rather than fat. But Kem doesn't have a volleyball stomach. Kem has "I ate a sandwich today" stomach. I still look more pregnant than she does. Indeed, were I on ER, I'd be getting a pregnancy test done solely based on that, since people on this show are getting pregnant from sharing coffee cups. But I'd like to point out that Kem was in her second trimester in Episode 11, and it's been thirty-four days since her exit in Episode 14. As such, she should be no more than a month away from her third trimester, which means she should have been showing WAY sooner than now, and should be showing a lot more. I know she's petite, but...I don't know, I just think the least they could've done was sprung for a better belly. Carter tries not to cry as he tells a glowing Kem that she looks beautiful.

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